With so much of our data online, cyber security has become one of the most important industries. There are always new stories on the news about companies suffering data breaches and hacks, such as Google+ which has led to the platform closing down. Our data is very valuable, and no matter what industry you are involved in, you need to be aware of the growing cyber security risks.

We represent a range of cyber security experts who can consult your team on the latest threats, technologies and issues. With a range of professional backgrounds, our speakers will pass on their cyber security tips and training. From live onstage hacking demonstrations to expert help and advice on improving your company’s cyber security, our keynote speakers include “ethical hackers”, cyber security experts, security ministers, computer security analysts and digital experts.

Below we have some of our most popular cyber security keynote speakers, but if you have a particular person in mind to speak at your event please do contact our team to find out more.

Our most requested Cyber Security Keynote speakers