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Global Digital Leader and Futurist

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Great Reassessment | What the Covid-19 Crisis will mean for the World now and in the future
  • Everything you think about Innovation is wrong
  • The Future of Work, the Workplace, and the place of Work
  • Skills for future leaders
  • The shape of the post-digital world
  • Cognitive risk and the Nature of threat
  • Cut Through The Clutter: This is what you (actually) need to know (or ignore) about the future


  • English


Ben Hammersley is a thought-provoking futurist who has been lecturing to audiences around the globe for over 15 years. He brings a practical, proactive approach to the digital era inspiring audiences to be present now to be prepared for the future.

As an international reporter, author and adventure seeker, Hammersley explores the effects of the internet and the digital network on the world’s business, political and social atmospheres. His latest book, which was published internationally, 64 Things You Need to Know Now For Then gives us the essential guide to the things we need to know for life in the 21st century.

Ben Hammersley is the writer and presenter of Netflix and BBC TV series Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley that was shot in over six countries across the globe. As the first specialist correspondent on the internet for The Times [of London] and the Guardian, he became the inventor of the popular term, ‘podcast’.

With his current position as the Editor-at-Large of UK’s WIRED magazine, Ben Hammersley has been called upon to advise three governments and countless organisations in the area of technology and media including a seat on the European Commission High Level Group on Media Freedom of the European Union.

Popular Talks by Ben Hammersley

The Great Reassessment | What the Covid-19 Crisis will mean for the World now and in the future

VIRTUAL. Whether the pandemic ends in June, or whether it continues until Christmas, it cannot be understated how much it will have changed the world. From the way we’re now trying to continue our business operations to the social realization of who and what are truly essential and valuable, to how we will relate to each other in the future, 2020 will be seen as the year that every previously held assumption was thrown up into the air. The challenge is to understand how it might land, what we can control and what we will have to wait for, and how to position ourselves to recover and flourish in the future.

In this talk (or series of talks) world-renowned futurist and thought leader, Ben Hammersley, will address each of these subjects: the likely scenarios for a post-Corona world, the things we can do today and in the upcoming months to prepare for it, and the skills and knowledge we can start developing today to truly flourish.

From adapting to Cognitive Risk, to transitioning to a Distributed Organisation; from identifying second and third-order dependencies before they fail, to designing true resilience into our families and firms; from AI and VR and Telepresence robotics to the Death of Geography, the shifting power relationships in the workforce, and the failure of most modern mental frameworks, we’ll start the process of designing the future – the place we’ll be living the rest of our lives.

Everything you think about Innovation is wrong

For something that holds the key to prosperity and success in the 21st Century, it is upsetting to realize that we’ve been doing it wrong. We think about innovation in the wrong way. We’ve been using the wrong words, paying attention to the wrong things, and retelling the same, old, wrong, and misleading stories. True innovation does not mean embracing the latest technological buzzword and trying to leap five years into the future with the help of an AI or a blockchain. It’s not dependent on a small and expensive class of technowizards, or magazine-cover masters of the universe. Instead, innovation is a skill and a mindset that can be learned by anyone. It’s a continual process that truly cutting-edge organizations – from multinational e-commerce conglomerates to that great new dumpling place down the street – can develop within every single member of staff. These talks show the true historical and cultural complexities of innovation and teach the audiences how to apply those lessons to their daily practices. For any organization, industry, or individual who wants to be better tomorrow than they are today, and who suspects that the answer isn’t necessarily in the new shiny and disruptive tech, this topic will be inspirational, practical, and calmly life-changing.

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