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Ethical Hacker, Author, Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder of Cygenta and former Head of Offensive Cyber Research at Raytheon

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Specialist Subjects

  • Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Physical security
  • Social Engineering
  • Cyber crime
  • Cyber Security
  • How I rob banks
  • The (nation) state of cyber security
  • How a hack works: Spearphishing with demo
  • How a hack works: Ransomware with demo



  • English


FC is a renowned ethical hacker and social engineer, as well as global keynote speaker and author. He has been working in the cyber security field for over 25 years and has helped thousands of banks, governments and other organisations advance their security.

FC is Co-Founder of the cyber security company Cygenta, where he tests weaknesses in physical, personnel and digital controls to help organisations be more secure. When he is not legally breaking into companies, FC takes audiences on an eye-opening journey into the hacker’s mindset.

He has delivered over 50 keynotes including CPX360, CERN and Intersec. He has shared his expertise in mainstream media, including the BBC and ITV, as well as popular industry podcasts such as Darknet Diaries (EP66). He has also been featured in printed media around the world educating people about cyber security from a hacker’s perspective.

FC demystifies security with his expertise, humour, and passion. His book ‘How I rob banks’ will be published in June 2023. An avid reader and polymath, FC enjoys trying out new hobbies such as woodworking, pottery, and homespun science experiments. All whilst lacking musical talent, despite his best efforts.

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