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Former Investigator at Facebook (2016-19)

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Specialist Subjects

  • Social Engineering: The Dangerous Nexus between the Cyber and Physical Worlds
  • Cyber Investigative Infrastructure: A Roadmap for Corporate and Non-Corporate Buildouts
  • Physical Investigative Infrastructure: A Roadmap for Corporate and Non-Corporate Buildouts
  • AGGOSO™ (AGGressive OSint Operations) Training
  • Threat Management Detection and Response: How to Assess Your Threat Level and Reduce It



  • English


Christopher Salgado is a highly accomplished and trusted security and investigations leader with more than 20 years in cyber and physical investigations as well as security. Throughout his career, he has effectively assisted several Fortune 100 companies – including a Fortune 20 company – via the installation of numerous innovative and efficient processes in the topics of investigations, security, brand protection, threat management, business continuity, intelligence, operations, recruiting, customer service, employee morale and leadership. The companies that have benefitted from his services span the spectrum of industries: social media, pharmaceutical, luxury brands (clothing, jewelry, etc.), consumables, automotive, electronics, film production, streaming services, entertainment, insurance and more. He has also assisted investigations firms and law firms across the globe.

From 2016 through 2019, Christopher Salgado worked at Facebook as an investigator. He began his tour with Facebook as a contractor and then an employee at Facebook. He assisted in managing investigations and operations and was instrumental in building their global investigations division. His efforts included drafting a large majority of investigative standard operating procedures (SOPs), refining current ones, installing new security operations and helping to stand up a new global, 24/7/365 Investigations Center. He also aided in managing several other security and investigative-themed projects, including prototype security, supply chain security, business continuity, video analytics, global security camera systems, operational security, process efficiency, data center threats and general threat management, among others.

Salgado also assisted Facebook’s numerous security operations centers across the globe with varied threats. His achievements allowed him to aid those teams in expanding Facebook’s security and investigations book of business interdepartmentally and geographically. During the time when Christopher Salgado was at Facebook, news about Cambridge Analytica broke as did the allegations of Russians hacking the Facebook platform to intervene in 2016’s US elections. Christopher Salgado was able to support in those sensitive and highly visible incidents as well.

Prior to his career in investigations and security, Christopher Salgado, exceled at delivering successful, professional engagements with customers through varying roles at different companies. He secured more than a dozen of various outstanding customer service awards and a quarterly department award for new process implementation. These experiences allowed him to drive a “customer-first” focus, reinforcing the customer-centric agendas of global corporations.

He has significant experience in director-level management of persons and global operations in corporate risk; brand protection; supply chain; criminal and civil investigations; surveillance; SIU investigations as well as counterfeit and other trademark investigations. He is an expert social engineer who has overcome a multitude of challenging obstacles and amassed critical information that resulted in successful conclusions for his clients.

Salgado is described as a transformational leader who promotes loyalty to the client, team, company and cause. He is skilled at managing large teams of investigators, intelligence analysts and support staff cross-culturally and across time zones. He is an expert in investigations and counterfeit detection. He is a global consultant and has presented to the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, Customs and Border Protection, ICE, DEA, TSA, ASIS (Hong Kong Chapter), members of Interpol and Europol as well as members of the EU Commission.

As an investigator, Christopher Salgado has collectively conducted, managed and trained on tens of thousands of investigations, including within topics of:

– Cyber: Phishing, bad actor tracking, dark web, computer forensics, identity theft, fraud
– Brand Protection: Raids, covert purchases (cyber & physical), market sweeps, website takedowns, gray market
– Corporate: Missing persons, threats, harassment, misconduct, theft, supply chain, shrinkage
– Criminal: Deaths, kidnapping, burglaries, arson, fraud, counterfeit
– Civil: Vehicle accidents, general liability, mold, residency verifications
– Surveillance: Worker’s compensation, high risk terminations, counterfeit, fraud, infidelity
– SIU: Witness locates, asset locates, interviews, contestable death cases, scene investigations

Prior industry roles include Investigations Center Team Leader and Investigator @ Facebook, Midwest Regional Director, Director of Training, Lead Investigator, Director of Security, Associate Director of New Business Development, Private Investigations Trainer, Lead Investigator, Private Investigator, Security Content Analyst & Acting Department Manager at various corporations as well as investigative and security consulting firms.

Currently Salgado is CEO, All Points Investigations, LLC and Cyber and Social Media Investigations Author at PI Magazine. Most recently he was the keynote speaker at CrimeCon 2022 in Las Vegas on romance scams. His talk ‘How To Avoid Falling Prey To Romance Scams, Like One That Saw A 72-Year-Old Widow Fleeced Of $300K’ was huge addition to the 2022 panel.

Popular Talks by Christopher Salgado

Social Engineering: The Dangerous Nexus between the Cyber and Physical Worlds

Reinforce what modern experts and industry statistics are calling the weakest link in your layered security apparatus: the human involvement (employees). Social engineering is known to have been successfully deployed in >95% of cyberattacks. Avoid throwing away your security investments with untrained employees who can be victimized by the next well-crafted social engineering plot, including pretexting, vishing, smishing, phishing, water hole attacks, whaling and tailgating. Social engineering is no longer reserved for the banking industries and is one of the easiest channels for bad actors to gain access to your sensitive data. As such, it is reported to have increased by significantly and especially targeting remote workers where security infrastructure may be much less enforced. Inform your employees to question everyone. Escalate awareness into action on behalf of your company’s safety and their own.

Cyber Investigative Infrastructure: A Roadmap for Corporate and Non-Corporate Buildouts

Whether you’re looking to install a new process or refine a current investigative operation for your company/organization, these taught resources and methodologies are not ones to be dismissed for any effective program. Learn the latest tips, tricks, resources and methodologies for your comprehensive cyber investigations program. This includes OSINT and non-OSINT parameters, including threat management, report writing, drafting standard operations procedures, promoting intra-departmental buy-in, obtaining/enhancing partnerships with SOCs, global outreach, hiring investigative and support staff, standard documentation, avoiding liability in your investigative operation, online attribution, managing the operation and many more.

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