Charlie McMurdie – Keynote Speaker

Former head of Police National Cyber Crime Unit (until 2013), Senior Cyber Crime Advisor PwC (2013-2017)

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Specialist Subjects

  • Cyber Security


  • English


Charlie McMurdie served as Scotland Yard’s head of Economic and Cyber Crime, and led the Police Central eCrime Unit and National cyber crime programmes. She was the country’s top law enforcement officer in the fast moving, complex, international world of hacking, cyber crime and online fraud.

After a career which took in terrorism, covert policing, and work leading murder and robbery investigations, and head of National and International specialist organised crimes Charlie spearheaded the Metropolitan Police’s attempts to prevent and detect cyber crime. She fought battles with complacent and sceptical colleagues and government to secure agreement and funding and established one of the leading cyber crime agencies in the world.

Post law enforcement Charlie joined PwC as the Senior Cyber Crime Advisor where as well as assisting to build out PwC’s internal cyber capability Charlie led on cyber crime within Breach Aid, a multidisciplined team responding to major attacks on PwC’s clients.

Charlie McMurdie addresses the urgent, vital need for appropriate cyber security measures, both physical, human and digital, examining the strategic nature of the precautions required now and in the future and gives operational examples of what has happened in the past. Covering hackers attacking governments, banks, retailers, organised criminals stealing our personal information, from state sponsored attacks to juveniles having fun. Charlie highlights how and why every organisation is potentially vulnerable

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