Cities are the future and it is crucial that they are planned and sustainable. As countries continue to develop and grow they see a rise in urbanization as people from rural areas and populations increase. Too often our cities are expanded and developed as an afterthought to try and tackle rapidly rising populations. This can result in poorly laid out urban landscapes, with cheap housing and bad transport links.

With the world population increasing and more than half of people living in cities, it is a topic we must all consider. Our keynote speakers have a range of backgrounds and experience, but can all offer insights and information on the future of cities, their sustainability and their development. Urban planning and sustainable cities can have a huge impact on business as potential skilled staff move to the cities that offer a better standard of living.

If you are interested in booking a keynote speaker to talk about cities and future urban development then feel free to browse our list below. If there is a speaker you have in mind who isn’t listed please contact our team.

Cities Keynote speakers