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Founder & CEO of Global Green Solutions, Global Sustainability, Plastic Waste Management, & ESG Expert

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Specialist Subjects

  • Plastic Management Technologies
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Climate Change
  • Waste Management
  • Marine Plastics
  • Decarbonization / Low Carbon Economy
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • ESG
  • Global South / Developing Countries
  • Women Entrepreneurship

  • Women in Technology
  • Social / Impact Entrepreneurship & Investing


  • English


Mimi founded one of the world’s only post-consumer plastic bag recycling companies in a country – Myanmar – which consistently ranks in the top 20 hardest countries in the world to conduct business. Her company successfully diverted 4 million pounds (1,800 metric tons) of plastic waste from waterways over 3 years.

Mimi is an impact-driven founder, Board Member, consultant, and advisor with deep operational expertise in global plastics waste management, circularity technologies, and infrastructure systems. She has intimate experience working in the Global South, having lived in Myanmar and Uganda for 11 years.

Mimi’s on-the-ground experience not only founding and operating Myanmar Recycles but also spending hours in open pit dumpsites and working with waste collectors lends authority to her deep understanding of the challenges that most of the world faces when tackling plastic production, reduction, and management. She takes an uncommon view compared to the “West” that unlocking our global green transition requires investing in the Global South’s infrastructure and hardware technology.

Since returning to the US in 2021 after Myanmar’s military coup, Mimi has been working with industry leaders, startups, and VCs on projects that implement waste collection systems and sortation facilities in Southeast Asia, global supply chain traceability, river cleanup and mangroves re-wilding, and advanced recycling solutions for hard-to-recycle plastics. She is Secretariat of the Innovators Alliance for a Global Plastics Treaty, a coalition of SME implementers and technologists driving critical solutions to solve our plastic pollution crisis.

Popular Talks by Mimi Wu

Plastic Management Technologies

Mimi’s mission and legacy are to accelerate our global society towards a zero plastic waste future by reducing plastic production and consumption, building basic waste infrastructure for all communities, and scaling innovative solutions.

  • Plastic pollution is a physical problem, and it requires physical solutions, technologies, and infrastructure to solve it.
  • The onus of solving the plastic pollution crisis is on governments and corporations, though individual consciousness and behavior change are crucial.
  • Plastic can be recycled – kind of – but mostly isn’t; thus, we need to stop the creation of single-use plastic and accelerate alternative solutions.
  • Solving our plastic pollution crisis requires financing industrializing nations

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