Emilie Sydney-Smith – Keynote Speaker

Chief Executive Officer of ExO Works & co-Founder and CEO of Unearth Corp

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Specialist Subjects

  • Corporate transformations
  • Change management
  • Urban transformations
  • Government and community relations
  • Technology transfer
  • Evaluating disruptive technologies
  • Future
  • Innovation
  • Purpose-driven companies
  • Fintech
  • ESG
  • Emissions reduction


  • English


Emilie Sydney-Smith is CEO of ExO Works, helping large companies like Siemens Energy, UBS, Visa, HP, P&G, Rio Tinto, Bristol-Myers Squibb and BHP to emulate the world’s fastest growing companies.

She draws from her track record in helping build a startup to a $300 million valuation over 2 years. She also spent a decade in private equity, evaluating the growth potential of around 100 business opportunities per annum. That gave her a deep understanding of the patterns that make a business likely to thrive or fail.

Emilie is a consistently highly-rated keynote speaker, panelist and workshop leader. In 2019, she spoke for clients and at conferences in Bahrain, Bangkok, Boston, Budapest, Cape Town, Dallas, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, Paris, Perth, Sao Paolo, Silicon Valley, and Sydney. In 2020, she delivered nearly 100 online keynotes.

We are entering the era of the highest wealth creation and destruction the world has ever seen. 18 emerging technologies will transform our everyday lives and each create trillion dollar new industries. Yet most existing companies are simply iterating on their existing core products and services, many of which will soon be obsolete. In fact, $3.5 trillion has been wasted on corporate innovation in the last decade, while Big Tech created $7 trillion in value.

ExO Works is the only company that has created billions of dollars of return on investment for large corporations by helping them graduate beyond incremental innovation on yesterday’s businesses, to implementing a genuine 4th Industrial Revolution transformation. ​

ExO Works coaches the clients’ own people to improve their current businesses with innovations that are tenfold (10X) better than the status quo and to create the new profit centers of the future. Therefore, she shares the latest proprietary case studies of achieving multiple +$100 million per annum gains per client within 18 months for under $10 million total investment. ExO Works is averaging a 70X realised returns for its clients and 3X retention of their A-players; converting their cost centres into profit centres; combining innovation and growth with updating skillsets, mindsets and culture in companies; and unscrambling their “spaghetti balls” of data to get genuine real-time insights to decision-makers. She offers a practical roadmap to actioning change throughout companies.

ExO Works was Founded by Chairman, Salim Ismail. He determined the shared attributes between the world’s fastest growing companies and shared them in Exponential Organizations, one of the best-selling business books ever published. He was the Founding CEO of Singularity University and has presented the ExO methodology to many of the world’s top business and leaders and Heads of State.

ExO Works delivers the next generation methodology beyond Agile, Lean or Design Thinking. It creates ultra-engaged new SWAT teams that help companies avoid disruption and place smart bets faster than their competitors.

60% of corporate innovation teams have failed, and many more are in zombie-mode. They produce only “Innovation Theatre”. In contrast, ExO Works helps innovators navigate the politics of the corporate immune system to get 10X innovations into implementation and create the best-selling products and services of the future.

Audiences also love hearing about how futuristic technologies like flying taxis, genomics, 3D printing, quantum computing, virtual reality and machine learning are actually being applied by her clients.

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