Many industry experts believe that blockchain is the future. By decentralising documents and information, blockchain technology has the power to change how we store, access and edit data. Originally designed for bitcoin currency, the technology has begun to expand and evolve into new business sectors. Blockchain’s value to businesses cannot be underestimated, and it is clear that it will at the centre of how we work in the future. Being able to access and edit shared documents instantly, as well as keeping them safe from hacking, is a technology that all companies need to look into harnessing.

We have a range of keynote speakers who are experts in blockchain technology. From crypto-currency gurus to leading digital and financial experts, our speakers will be able to explain what blockchain technology is and how it will affect the future.

Below we have selected some of our most popular keynote speakers, but if you had someone in mind for your upcoming event please contact our team.

Our most requested Blockchain Keynote speakers