Climate change is one of the most debated topics around the world, and is certainly debated by our keynote speakers. America has often been criticized by other countries since withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, in which every other nation agreed to make a change. With world temperatures rising and many fearful of what the future might hold, where does the US stand on this subject and what do we need to change?

Fortunately we have a diverse range of keynote speakers who are all experts in climate change and the impacts it may have on all of our lives. Our speakers range from futurists to former world leaders, and all can offer their own insight and perspective on the challenges ahead. As many global firms pledge to make changes to improve the world, can your business afford to be left behind?

Below we have listed some of our most popular speakers, but if you had a particular speaker in mind please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Our most requested Climate Keynote speakers