It won’t come as a surprise that famous motivational speakers are among the our most popular. Having a well-known sporting personality talk at a conference or event can help draw in huge crowds. Many have been at the highest level and are celebrities in their own right. Their first hand insights into events we have watched on TV are one of a kind.

These sporting superstars have competed at the highest level, and have experienced some truly amazing highs, but also lows! They have pushed themselves to the limits, and always found a way to give that little bit extra. Passing on their experience and insights on leadership, motivation, teamwork, dedication, success and dealing with failure can be hugely helpful for your audience.

Get a first-hand behind-the-scenes insight into some of the top sporting events from history. We are sure our sporting speakers will leave your audience in awe. Our sports celebrities include olympians, F1 drivers, international sports coaches, former players and referees. Browse our listed keynote speakers below or get in touch if you have a speaker in mind.

Sports Keynote speakers