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Specialist Subjects

  • Achieving Goals
  • Motivation
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • High Performance
  • Professional Sustainability and Balance
  • Transformation


  • English
  • Greek
  • Spanish


Alex Panayotou, an Endurance Mindset Expert, renowned for her vibrant energy. She’s a charismatic presenter and storyteller and she speaks on a variety of topics such as the Endurance Mindset, personal and professional excellence, overcoming obstacles, embracing change, burnout prevention and resilience, as well as excellence in sports.

In her workshops and programmes she specialises in Leadership Development, Resilience, Wellbeing, and Burnout Prevention. With a dedicated focus on guiding leaders and their teams towards unparalleled success, Alex brings a distinct blend of expertise to the forefront.

As an accomplished extreme athlete, Alex has attained remarkable achievements, including conquering 13 solo extreme running challenges for charity, including an astounding 400-kilometre non-stop solo run. She is one of only a handful of women globally to have achieved such feats. As an Endurance Mindset Expert with these remarkable accomplishments in extreme athletics, and over 15 years of experience working with leaders and teams, such as Coca-Cola, Uber, Microsoft, and AON, Alex has developed unique, proven methods to empower you and your organisation.

Drawing from her background in Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy, Alex seamlessly integrates her diverse expertise with her remarkable track record in extreme athletics to develop and perfect her Endurance Mindset. With over 15 years of hands-on experience collaborating with leaders across varied industries and corporations, including Coca-Cola, Uber, Microsoft, and AON, Alex has refined a proven methodology. This methodology consistently produces influential and empowered leaders, driving transformative business growth and shaping the trajectory of the future.

Specialising in bolstering leadership resilience, wellbeing, and performance under pressure, Alex supports CEOs, corporations, and organisations in surmounting significant challenges. By melding expertise from the realm of extreme athletics and drawing inspiration from her journey as a cancer survivor, Alex equips leaders and their teams with indispensable tools to thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern business.

Alex’s work addresses and solves problems of motivation, productivity, engagement, team cohesion, and focuses on change and embracing challenges while working on stress management. Through her guidance, you’ll learn to thrive in the modern business environment, fostering a culture of resilience and empowering your team to achieve greater heights. Together, you’ll co-create a legacy of influential, empowered leaders who shape the future and stimulate significant business growth. Her approach not only facilitates leaders’ survival but also empowers them to propel their teams to greater heights, thus collaboratively sculpting a legacy of influential leaders who shape the future and propel substantial business growth.

Prepare to be amazed by this thrilling fun fact: Alex Panayotou has more horsepower than a horse! Picture this: in October 2008, Alex dared to challenge the speed and stamina of a majestic 4-year-old mare named Kinette in an epic123km race. With adrenaline pumping and determination fuelling her every step, Alex and Kinette thundered from Montserrat Monastery to Ripoll Monastery in Catalunya. In a jaw-dropping display of sheer determination and athleticism, Alex emerged victorious, leaving Kinette trailing behind by an impressive 16 minutes. This incredible feat cements Alex’s status as one of the few individuals in the world to have ever outrun a horse! Get ready to embark on your own journey of excitement and achievement with Alex Panayotou!”

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