Alain Robert – Keynote Speaker

The world's leading free climber; the 'Urban Climber' who ascended over 70 skyscrapers without ropes

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Specialist Subjects

  • Goal Setting
  • Determination
  • Managing Stress and Fear
  • Courage
  • Risk Management
  • Fighting fear
  • Climbing


  • English


The Incredible ‘French Spiderman’ Alain Robert climbs cliffs, mountains, gorges and skyscrapers… most often ‘without safety’. To date he has climbed more than 200 skyscrapers, including the world’s tallest, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, at almost 3000ft.

His climbs invariably attract colossal global publicity and he is the only celebrity who is famous in literally every country on earth.

If Alain climbs anywhere in the world… say Moscow, Sydney, Jakarta, or even Reykjavik or Timbuktu, etc… (It doesn’t matter where); that ascent will invariably be reported in ’all countries of the world’.

Alain is also officially world ranked in the ‘Top 100 Greatest Athletes of All Time’, alongside legends; Pele, Maradona, Muhammad Ali, Jack Nicklaus, Babe Ruth, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey and Jessie Owens, etc. In China they have even erected a bronze statue to French Spiderman Alain Robert. It is situated at the foot of Mount Tianmen, Hunan Province, China (See photo below).

A number of Alain’s climbs have attracted live audiences of 100,000 or more. His Sapphire Mall climb in Istanbul attracted a press and media turnout of more than 400 international journalists and the climb was also shown live on 4 TV stations in that region of the world.

With about 125 arrests to date, he is probably the world’s most arrested man. Alain’s amazing life moves between 10 Star Accommodation… as the special guest of Kings and Sheikhs; to spending time in the world’s most appalling ‘hell-hole’ prisons.

Passionate about Climate Change, he has raised huge amounts of money for the good causes that he believes in.

Alain is an extraordinary raconteur with a thousand real ‘life or death’ stories.

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