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Global Innovation x Trust Pioneer, Voice of Gens Y to Z, Author of RESET and The Trust Economy

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Specialist Subjects

  • TRUST - Unite your people (because we’re better together!)
  • INNOVATE - Imagine your future (because we all dream of a better world!)
  • CHANGE - Transform your reality (because making it happen is everything!)


  • English


Imagine a world in which we can all trust each other… that’s the world Philipp Kristian is dreaming of creating.

Philipp Kristian is a TEDx storyteller and global innovation x trust pioneer. He’s a futurist on our changing humanity, a voice of digital Generations Y to Z and the author of RESET and The Trust Economy.

Philipp spent the past decade driving innovation for Fortune 500s in JAPAC. He’s worked with the CEOs of Singapore’s most successful startups on reshaping entire industries. His executive masterclasses for a top Asian business school have garnered rave reviews.

Philipp believes trust is our human superpower. When we trust ourselves and others, it transforms how we collaborate, innovate and create. This makes our complex world simpler, happier and better. Trust leadership empowers us to change things for the better and become the best version of humanity.

Philipp is an innovation strategist at heart, a change evangelist on stage and an eloquent rebel on the page. He has inspired transformation in over a dozen sectors across five continents and 50+ countries, including Bhutan and the Maldives.

Philipp has received the attention of media including Business Insider, Economist Intelligence Unit, Esquire, Haymarket, Forbes, Economic Times, Springer and brand eins. He was made a St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow (2015), Kairos Global Fellow (2016) and World Economic Forum Global Shaper (2018).

In his free time, he is an avid yogi, sailor and matcha enthusiast. Join the likes of Daimler, Deloitte, Facebook, Generali, Microsoft, Salesforce, Turner, P&G, Prudential and Zillow as you get ready for some serious intellectual fireworks.

Popular Talks by Philipp Kristian

TRUST - Unite your people (because we’re better together!)

  • Introduction to trust economy and digital trust revolution (based on The Trust Economy)
  • Navigating intergenerational leadership dynamics
  • New normal, future of work and digital leadership
  • Organisational purpose and ESG driving change for good
  • Values driven leadership and stakeholder management

INNOVATE - Imagine your future (because we all dream of a better world!)

  • A global new normal and post-pandemic reset (based on RESET)
  • Trends, foresight and disruptive shifts from a human futurist lens
  • Innovation, digital transformation and future value propositions
  • Open data economy, global privacy revolution, data trust strategy
  • Nurturing start-up ecosystems and strategic digital partnerships
  • Amplifying digital customer experience stickiness with behaviour design
  • New customer insight generation, product and service design thinking
  • Digital by default, interface revolution and digital business design

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