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Specialist Subjects

  • Great Engaged Leaders Manifest Success
  • Influencing, Impacting, and Inspiring Your Employees for Positive Results
  • Called to Lead: Are You Answering the Call?
  • Confidence Karma
  • Communicate Your V.A.L.U.E.
  • Refortify, Revisit and Regroup in Business and Life
  • Making Friends in Your Leadership Network
  • Building Strong Boundaries for Leadership and Employee Success
  • Play B.I.G.! Becoming a Powerful Force in Your World!
  • How to Give Feedback, Coach for Success, and Help Your People Grow
  • Employee Wellness. Mind Body and Spirit How to Celebrate Wellness at work
  • The Great Integration. How to Retain and Recruit So they want to stay
  • Flexibility and Agility. Develop New Ages Leadership Skills for The Future
  • Women Step into Your Power. Success Strategies for Women
  • Be Powerful Be You How to Authentic and Accepted in during Confusing times


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Pegine (Peg-een) is an advisor to US Presidents and their task forces and Fortune 500 executives on women in business and women in leadership called to lead. She educates leaders and businesswomen on influencing, impacting, and inspiring their world to increase profits and productivity and positively engage stakeholders and employees. Pegine coaches CEOs, Military leaders (Admirals and Generals), Presidents of Universities and Colleges, and entrepreneurs.

AVON and Real Leaders magazine called her one of the top leadership motivational speakers. Clients include: Ten percent of the Fortune 100 global corporations and twelve percent of Direct Selling News Global Top 50 Companies plus All US military branches.

She goes by her first name, Pegine. Pegine is a serial entrepreneur, her current company, Team Pegine, was named the #3 Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Companies in North Florida. At the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Conference, an award sponsored by Macy’s, named Pegine one of three Minority Women Who ROCK IN BUSINESS.

Her bestselling book “Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women” holds a global message for women leaders. Her other five books are on leadership, business, and motivation. Pegine’s business success story appears in 9 books, and her quotes appear in over 15 additional books.

Her skill in achieving results comes from using content, connections, comedy, charisma, and cadences; she is a force that causes positive results in a truly unique and powerful way.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR professional society, called Pegine one of 100 Global Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion. She leads Power Women Worldwide, a movement, training, and initiatives for business leaders.

Her company received the Department of Defense’s CPARs (Contractor Performance Assessment Reports) rating of excellent for quality, service, and mission success for contracts over a million dollars (extremely rare).

Business and Leadership News Outlets, including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Real Leader Magazine, HR Magazine, and Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine, seek her expertise for interviews.

Pegine lived in Spain, where she founded and sold two businesses. Pegine is the only Latina and one of only eight women inducted into the 60-member Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, and others include Anthony Robbins and Jack Canfield.

Popular Talks by Pegine Echevarria

Great Engaged Leaders Manifest Success

Great Engaged Leaders are leaders who utilize their individual strengths, develop as top leaders, and become organizational representatives that attract others to your organization. They become people who support team members to be the best they can be. Participants benefit through the experience and grow by
– Increasing their expertise,
– Expanding their reach and gaining opportunities
– Building a positive reputation
– Enhancing their value to all

If you aren’t mining GEMS, you aren’t growing your team. Leaders are rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds, and they are diverse and unique. The individuals we choose to be, the leaders we want to be, and the settings we create can increase team members’ brilliance and uniqueness and enhance your assets. There are three roles that participants of the GEM program all have in common.
The three roles are (1) Individual, (2) Leader, and (3) Organizational representative.

How they behave within those roles can help or hinder the development of the people around them, their team, and ultimately themselves. G.E.M.S .– ROCK! Explores how these three aspects manifest success.

Influencing, Impacting, and Inspiring Your Employees for Positive Results

Leaders are the creators of the work atmosphere, positive or negative. A negative atmosphere creates staff experiences that include stress, anger, and isolation, resulting in low productivity, gossip, and interpersonal chaos. The positive atmosphere of support, partnership, and team spirit results in high productivity, strong morale, and an effective team environment. It is a leader’s choice. Which do you want? One that has you feeling alone, frustrated, tense, and angry, while the other instills calmness, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. Being willing to change and learn a new skill is the first step to developing a motivated and empowered team.

Participants will be able to:

  • List Six areas that every leader must analyze, observe, and change to create a more effective, empowered, and motivated staff.
  • Identify the needs of your staff and how you can support them.
  • Be the leader that receives respect, loyalty, confidence, and appreciation.
  • Effectively acknowledge your staff with meaningful, free, or low-cost techniques.

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