Nell Watson – Keynote Speaker

Machine Intelligence Engineer and Senior Scientific Advisor, The Future Society

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Specialist Subjects

  • A Practical Primer on Applying AI in Business
  • The Confluence of AI, Blockchain and IOT
  • The Future of Human Society and Social Trust
  • AI & Quantum Computing
  • How to Make AI More Safe and Trustworthy
  • New Economic Tech Opportunities in the 2020s
  • The Future of Gaming



  • English


Nell Watson is a Machine Intelligence engineer who worked to pioneer Deep Machine Vision at her company Poikos (now QuantaCorp), which enables fast and accurate body measurement from just two photos. This original, patented technology enables fast and simple 3D body measurement from only two planes (front and side), using a simple cellphone camera, by applying sophisticated deep learning technologies. Thus enabling fast and accurate personalization services in telemedicine, mass customization, and retail.

Through her teaching as AI Faculty at Singularity University and author of Machine Intelligence courseware for O’Reilly Media, Nell Watson became aware of the importance of protecting human rights and ensuring that ethics, safety, and humanity are included into all A.I. She now serves as Chair & Vice-Chair respectively of the IEEE’s ECPAIS Transparency Experts Focus Group, and 7001 Transparency of Autonomous Systems committee on AI Ethics & Safety, engineering credit score-like mechanisms to safeguard algorithmic trust.

Nell Watson also chairs EthicsNet, a non-profit, building a movement of people who are committed to help machines understand humans better. This community acts as role models and guardians to raise kind AI, by providing virtual experiences, and collecting examples of pro-social practices. Alongside this she also chairs, crafting Geneva Conventions-style rules for cultural conflict, and, connecting a network of service providers to help enable the
automated accounting of externalities such as pollution.

In her spare time, Nell enjoys coding games, such as her startup life simulator, Founder Life. Founder Life attempts to teach the mindfulness and psychological habits necessary for entrepreneurs to consistently execute under pressure.

Nell Watson serves as Senior Scientific Advisor to The Future Society at Harvard, and holds Fellowships from the British Computing Society and Royal Statistical Society. She lectures globally on Machine Intelligence, AI philosophy, Human-Machine relations, and the Future of Human Society, serving on the Faculty of AI & Robotics at Singularity University.

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