Linda Cruse – Keynote Speaker

Founder Race4Good, Leadership expert, international frontline humanitarian, speaker, entrepreneur and author

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Specialist Subjects

  • Arctic Climate Change
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Inspirational Women
  • Motivation
  • Resilience
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


  • English


Linda Cruse – leadership expert, veteran ‘boots on the ground’ international humanitarian, author and inspirational speaker – with no material possessions for over two decades, she dedicates her life to being of service and inspiring every person on the planet to live their best and fullest expression of themselves.

Linda creator and founder of the Race4Good facilitates a fun, fast paced, highly competitive platform where students and business leaders from all over the world come together in teams to help solve critical issues faced by families living in challenged environments. Currently the focus is on families living close to the north pole whose world is melting four times faster than anywhere due to climate change.

The last two decades have seen Linda Cruse living among people in the most distressed places on earth, from the snowy Himalayas to the deserts of the Sahara and in the aftermath of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and typhoons. Linda has worked with survivors in refugee camps and war zones, has escaped from a rebel army, been held at gunpoint, caught in a landslide, survived severe hypothermia, drank three-day-old urine to save a life and even sutured her own face. Linda is currently working in the high Arctic.

Linda’s ethos is a ‘hand up, not a handout’. Her ground-breaking approach is to engage and facilitate business leaders and students worldwide to find creative and sustainable economic solutions that have the power to lift communities from the grip of poverty and from the depths of disaster. By working with the best and brightest – those who excel through innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit – Linda empowers the private sector to create real and lasting legacies and to use their strength and influence as a force for good. Her pledge is to sustainably uplift the most vulnerable people enduring the most challenging environments imaginable.

Listening to and engaging with Linda Cruse is a wakeup call to develop new concepts, uncover fresh ideas and discover your own purpose and passion in life. Businesses and individuals around the world benefit from Linda’s suite of transformational leadership programmes and workshops , including her signature Race4Good and Courageous Leadership– based on Linda’s unique experience working in some of the most challenging places on earth and designed to develop today’s top talent and emerging leaders.

Who can better teach facing fear and leadership skills than someone who has seen death with a gun in their face, who has needed to build team trust faster than the bombs fell? Using thought-provoking insights, compelling frontline images and footage and memorable real-life stories, Linda inspires and moves audiences as she shares her experience of a life lived on the edge, with no material possessions, no home base and only one suitcase which contains all her worldly belongings.

Linda’s work has inspired people from presidents and ambassadors to students, politicians, admirals and CEOs worldwide to step up and be the change. Her achievements have led her to be recognised as the 12th most powerful woman changing the world today.

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