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Founder and CEO of Womxn in Data Science

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Specialist Subjects

  • Demystifying AI & Finding Your Lane
  • From Consumers to Creators: Building Inclusive AI Products and Services
  • Transforming Data Culture: Strategies for Creating a Data-Driven Organization
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Responsible AI
  • Women in STEM
  • Building and supporting diverse teams
  • Inclusive AI Product Development
  • Data + AI Literacy



  • English


Kishawna Peck is an emerging voice in artificial intelligence. Driven by a mission to empower a million women to become data-literate and reshape the AI landscape with inclusive products and services, Kishawna’s influence resonates through a community she founded, Womxn in Data Science. With deep roots in Canada and an expanding presence in the United States, the community currently boasts over 4000 members. Notably, Kishawna brought the first Women in Data Science Conference to Canada, further emphasizing her dedication to promoting inclusivity in the field.

With a foundational academic background in Economics, Kishawna took a deliberate leap into data science. Throughout her illustrious career, Kishawna’s roles have often been groundbreaking. She frequently stepped in as the first data hire, shaping nascent data teams and sculpting pivotal data strategies from scratch. This unique perspective, coupled with her leadership in guiding teams through uncharted territories, showcases her agility and vision in the world of data. Her dedication to continuous learning led her to pursue a Master’s of Management in Artificial Intelligence from the esteemed Queen’s University Smith School of Business, further solidifying her credentials in the domain.

Today, Kishawna continues to build the Womxn in Data Science Community and consults organizations, empowering them to tap into the power of data and AI while ensuring ethical, inclusive practices. Specializing in data and AI literacy programs, she equips teams with essential skills, embedding a data-driven culture. Beyond literacy, she steers companies through the intricate AI product development process, championing inclusive design practices to foster products that serve more than default populations.

Her voice, enriched with experience and insights, echoes in her keynotes as she illuminates the future of work, the societal dynamics of emerging tech, and the vital shift from mere consumers to informed creators in AI.

Collaborations with industry giants like CIFAR, RBC, the Ontario Government, and renowned Canadian AI Institutes testify to her unwavering commitment. Her work, perspectives, and mission have garnered media attention, with features in platforms like The Globe and Mail, Breakfast Television, and CP24.

Popular Talks by Kishawna Peck

Demystifying AI & Finding Your Lane

This keynote provides the audience with an overview of their current daily interactions with AI and showcases the unique opportunities their current experience provides them in the data field. The audience will leave with renewed confidence that their skills can be used as a launchpad to enter other AI careers and also understand the importance of their role as AI emerges in various technologies.

From Consumers to Creators: Building Inclusive AI Products and Services

This keynote highlights the importance of inclusive practices in building AI products and services. Explore the consequences of exclusive design and learn from successful examples of organizations that prioritize diversity and inclusion. Uncover actionable strategies for fostering fairness, mitigating bias, and delivering user-centric AI solutions. Join us in shaping a future where AI empowers and benefits everyone, embracing diversity and inclusion at every stage.

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