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Bestselling Author, Memory Scientist, Criminal Psychologist

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Specialist Subjects

  • Make yourself unforgettable: Tricks and tips from a memory hacker
  • How false memories threaten our future: The nostalgia effect in politics and society
  • Digital identity: Why we are constantly reinventing ourselves
  • The Future of Remembering: Artificial Intelligence and Memory
  • How to have difficult conversations at work and create a happy workplace culture
  • The Memory Illusion: Why you may not be who you think you are


  • English
  • German


Dr. Julia Shaw is an established psychological scientist at University College London (UCL). She is an expert in the areas of memory and AI, criminal psychology, and diversity in the workplace. As the co-founder of the start-up Spot, Julia empowers organisations to build more inclusive work environments. Her keynotes on memory hacking, AI and workplace harassment captivate all audiences. Julia is also an expert on legal cases, particularly those with historical allegations.

Julia Shaw was born in Germany and grew up in Canada. After receiving her doctorate in legal psychology, she became a researcher at University College London (UCL) in the area of memory, AI and legal psychology.

As the co-founder of the memory science and artificial intelligence start-up Spot, Shaw helps employees report discrimination and workplace harassment. She is committed to building more respectful and inclusive working environments.

As a keynote speaker Julia Shaw captivates audiences all over the world. She regularly presents on the topics of tackling workplace harassment, memory hacking and artificial intelligence. Her work often appears on TV, radio, online and in print: Shaw is also regular contributor to Psychology Today and Scientific American. Her first book “The Memory Illusion” was an international bestseller that appeared in 20 languages, and her second book “Evil: The Science Behind Humanity’s Dark Side” became an international bestseller in 2019.

Julia Shaw’s keynotes are truly inspiring and they will change your perception on memories and humanity’s dark side. She is available for presentations both in German and English.

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