Jorg Snoeck – Keynote Speaker

Captain of Retail, award-winning author of the book ‘The Future of Shopping’.

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Specialist Subjects

  • Future of retail
  • Retail has a permanent new face
  • 'Future of the consumer’: demographic shifts – or earthquakes
  • ‘Future of technology’: all things internet
  • ‘Future of the store’: experience has many meanings
  • 'The future of retail’: everyone a niche
  • ‘Future of the supermarket’


  • English


Captain of Retail, Jorg Snoeck, is an international speaker, founder of RetailDetail, and award-winning author of the book ‘The Future of Shopping’. With the latest news, trends and expertise in retail at his fingertips, Jorg is an excellent, energetic speaker inspiring leaders and everyone interested in retail from Hong Kong, to Cape Town.

Retail Expert Jorg Snoeck is on a personal mission to ensure more entrepreneurs and business can continue to thrive in the challenging and rapidly changing the retail landscape. That’s why his aim is to enlarge the common brain of this industry in turmoil. Given his background as an entrepreneur and award-winning author, his passion especially lies with the analysis of shopping behavior and the scrutiny of the changing consumer.

In his lectures and presentations, Jorg Snoeck sketches the many opportunities and possibilities for a flourishing retail landscape in the future in an inspirational way. Everything is changing and the consumer is given an entire range of new choices when it comes to shopping. Obviously, this thoroughly affects every aspect of retailing, which can be seen both as a threat and an opportunity.

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