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Global Thought Leader, Social Innovator and Founder of Business for Good

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Specialist Subjects

  • Are you a Good Business?
  • The Purpose-Driven Leadership Journey
  • The Purpose Paradigm
  • Sustainability that Works
  • What do YOU stand for?


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Jon Duschinsky is a global thought leader, social innovator and founder of Business for Good. Data proves that Good Businesses are 30% more innovative and have 40% higher levels of workforce retention than their competition, while their stock values grow twice as fast. He inspires future-thinking leaders to embrace the principles of Business for Good and to Make More Money by Doing More Good, accelerating their innovation, social and environmental impact and talent retention, particularly with GenZ and Millennials.

Jon Duschinsky has provided expert advice to clients in over 60 countries, including Airbus, Accor, Pernod-Ricard, Sodexo, NASCAR, Prudential and Maybank as well as the Governments of Germany, the US, France and the UAE. He has coached hundreds of leaders and future leaders, written two books and lectures regularly at universities around the world. The first part of Jon’s career was spent developing philanthropy and social impact, co-founding a fundraising agency at the age of 21 and then working at a national level to build civil society, initially in France and then across Eastern and Central Europe. The publication of his first book “Philanthropy in a Flat World” led him to be sought out by forward-thinking corporate leaders as a speaker and advisor on Corporate Social Responsibility and Purpose-Driven Business. For the last decade, Jon has helped companies of all sizes, as well as governments, move from Profit to People, Planet and Profit.

At the heart of his work is this unique double culture and ability to navigate seamlessly between the worlds of business and social impact. And because leaders can only ask others to stand with them if they know what they stand for, Jon Duschinsky also reaches beyond the Boardroom into the space of leadership transformation to unlock meaning and purpose in the lives of all those he works with. A Good Business stands for and takes meaningful action on something bigger than its products and services. It focuses on making a difference and by doing so, makes money. And it is led by people who have aligned what they stand for personally with what the organization they serve stands for.

Popular Talks by Jon Duschinsky

Are you a Good Business?

Every company can (and should) Do More Good and Make More Money. In this disruptive and inspiring keynote, Jon will shift your perspective on what business is for and give you the tools to take meaningful action from the moment he leaves the stage.

The Purpose-Driven Leadership Journey

Most of your employees are on autopilot. Learn how to wake them up and get them onto their own Purpose-Driven Leadership Journey, accelerating both performance and employee engagement at the same time.

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