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CEO, Johnny Cupcakes | Award Winning Entrepreneur & Brand Hysteria Expert

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Specialist Subjects

  • Reimagining Marketing & Sales
  • Building Brand Loyalty & Memorable Experiences
  • Finding A Way
  • Inspiring Team & Customer Culture
  • E-commerce Growth
  • Acquiring Free Marketing in the Digital Space


  • English


If you dream of inspiring cult-like brand loyalty—the kind that involves mile-long queues and even permanent tattoos—then Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle is for you. The founder of the world-renowned tee-shirt brand Johnny Cupcakes, Johnny’s known for helping people create blueprints for building brand loyalty, creating memorable experiences, and inspiring innovation.

Walk into Johnny’s bakery themed, frosting scented T-shirt shop on Boston’s historic Newbury Street where clothing is displayed in refrigerators and lunchbox orders are pulled out of a secret smoking oven! A true Willy Wonka-esque experience. While some people leave with T-shirts and others leave hangry and empty handed, 100% of his customers leave with a memory and a story to share.

With global pop-ups, thousands of customers with his logo tattooed on themselves, people who camp out for his products, and high-profile collaborations with giants such as The Simpsons, Power Rangers, and Nickelodeon, Johnny was named “America’s #1 Young Entrepreneur” by Business Week, “Top Innovator in Retail” by The Boston Globe, and featured in INC magazine as the CEO of one of the world’s fastest growing independent businesses. Since then, through his talks and creative consulting, Johnny has shared his strategies with clients that include Apple, L’Oreal, Disney, IBM, Audi, Harvard University, Wieden+Kennedy, Marriott, UKG, and P&G.

Also a TEDx speaker, Johnny has been featured in media such as MTV, NPR, NBC, Forbes, WIRED, and as a case study in several branding and business books.

Popular Talks by Johnny Earle

Reimagining Marketing & Sales

Johnny touches on why one handwritten note, personalized gift, or a community event could be more powerful than a cold email campaign to strangers.  Johnny shares examples of how adding a dash of imagination and extra detail can drive a chunkier return on investment when it comes to marketing and sales, like when he rented a real coffin and hearse from a creepy guy on Craigslist to get delivered in for the nighttime release of his limited edition, VHS-packaged, Halloween movie themed T-shirts.  This $220 vehicle rental attracted lifetime memories, created brand ambassadors, and garnered millions in free marketing as channel 4 news dedicated an entire segment to this release.

Building Brand Loyalty & Memorable Experiences

With each new launch the hysteria around the ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ brand continues to conquer the globe. The reaction goes from 10 block queues as anxious fans await for the shop to open to Cupcake tattoos, yes, permanent ones. In this awe-inducing presentation Johnny will educate you on how you too can create a wave of loyalty and obsession around your products, your business and within your teams through the power of social media & experiential branding.

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