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Sustainability, Circular Economy ESG and Green City Innovator, Visionary, and Serial Entrepreneur

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Specialist Subjects

  • The business of fixing our future
  • Feeding 9 billion – what’s cooking?
  • How on earth can we live together?
  • ESG - accounting for sustainability
  • Sustainability and Business Innovation
  • Environmental Capitalism


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  • French


Jason Drew is a serial entrepreneur whose businesses profitably repair the future. For over a decade he has taken ideas and concepts from the natural world and with his vision and drive, turned them into global businesses.

Jason is the leading authority on Environmental Capitalism. He inspires audiences using examples of fascinating and unexpected businesses many of which he has created, invested in or advised.

He turns accepted business concepts and models upside down as he looks at business today from the perspective of tomorrow.

His current businesses include Stoak Biotechnologies – a company manufacturing sustainable organic oak extracts. These formulations naturally replace chemicals that preserve drink and food and have wound care applications for human and animal health.

Swarm Technology is a CTA hedge fund that harnesses the natural power of the ‘Swarm Intelligence’ of ants to drive profitable systematic commodity trading. Embedded in the Swarm Matrix™ trading program, our technology employs multiple simple agents that interact with each other and only sample the market data once a day. Slow and individually simple systems, but collectively brilliant, the programme performed consistently through the market turmoil of the last 24 months.

Hibocare is re-inventing air filtration using statically charged Graphene filters. Retrofitted to existing building systems or standalone office units remove airborne bacteria as well as viruses from TB to Covid and flu. Achieving this on a single air pass – reduces energy costs and improves public health from offices to public transport and healthcare facilities.

His previous companies include Oxitec a mosquito business as well as AgriProtein a fly business– that was chosen as one of TIME Magazine’s 2018 Genius Companies. This list recognises fifty businesses that the magazine believes are ‘inventing the future’.

His closed systems thinking approach to his own business makes his companies profitable, yet simple and brilliant. Described by Forbes Magazine as ‘Lord of the Flies’ and by Leadership Magazine as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, he is a realist with a no-nonsense business focused approach to fixing our problems.

Honorary Consul General for Pakistan in South Africa, Jason Drew was also awarded the 2013 United Nations Innovation Prize for Africa and the Clean Equity award by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.

Popular Talks by Jason Drew

The business of fixing our future

Jason Drew gives a unique business leaders insight into the future of business, the environment – and the challenges for us as business leaders. From early human shelters in Africa to the megacities of Asia and the challenges of the slums, the built environment will define civilisation in the 21st Century. Jason explores these issues from the standpoint of an environmentalist and capitalist.  He will  challenge your thinking as to the possibilities for sustainable success  – sharing  insights into some of the remarkable and profitable green businesses he has started and invested in around the world. He founded one of Time Magasine 50 ‘Genius’ companies that are defining the future of business.

Feeding 9 billion – what’s cooking?

All our food comes from our water, land and seas. These three increasingly damaged eco systems combine to produce the food on which we all depend – 200,000 more of us need feeding every day.

How innovation, recycling and sustainable farming can feed us through the population peak of 2050. Vertical farming of vegetables to fish, waste nutrient recycling and pesticide free pest control are amongst the businesses  that will redefine agriculture in the 21st century.  From abattoir waste to sewerage recycling and sterile insect programmes Jason takes you on a tour of his and other remarkable businesses that are delivering solutions to food security, sustainable agriculture and challenges the very notion of waste.

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