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Specialist Subjects

  • Generation Alpha: The Future of Entrepreneurship
  • Young Entrepreneurs: Shaping the Digital Commerce Landscape
  • From Idea to Reality: The Journey of a Young Entrepreneur


  • English


Wilhelmina Lillrud is an inspiring young entrepreneur and emerging speaker, making waves in the world of digital commerce. At an age where most kids are just starting to explore their interests, Wilhelmina has already established herself as a successful business owner and a thought leader. Her journey, which started with the launch of her online store at the age of ten, is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and determination.
Born into a family of entrepreneurs in Stockholm, Sweden, Wilhelmina was exposed to the world of business and innovation from a young age. Her father, Karl Lillrud, a globally recognized speaker and online growth mentor, has been a significant influence, instilling in her the values of creativity, resilience, and continuous learning.

Despite her young age, Wilhelmina has already spoken at prestigious events such as the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s Digital Handel and are preparing for a TEDx event in France, where she shares her insights on Generation Alpha and young entrepreneurship. Her ability to engage with her audience and share her unique experiences sets her apart, making her a sought-after speaker for events focusing on entrepreneurship and digital commerce.

Wilhelmina’s entrepreneurial journey has not only led to the successful launch of her online store but has also earned her recognition in the business world. Her story has been featured in articles like the Danish TV and online publications, showcasing her as an example of young
entrepreneurship. As a speaker, Wilhelmina shares her journey as a young entrepreneur, providing insights into the challenges she faced and how she overcame them. Her talks are filled with practical advice for other young entrepreneurs, inspiring them to pursue their ideas and turn them into reality.

In the coming years, Wilhelmina aims to continue growing her business and sharing her experiences as a young entrepreneur. Her goal is to inspire other young individuals to explore entrepreneurship and to show them that age is not a barrier to achieving their dreams.

Popular Talks by Wilhelmina Lillrud

Generation Alpha: The Future of Entrepreneurship

As a young entrepreneur herself, Wilhelmina is uniquely positioned to discuss the future of entrepreneurship from the perspective of Generation Alpha. This keynote will delve into the unique characteristics and potential of Generation Alpha, discussing how their digital nativity, diversity, and social consciousness are shaping the future of entrepreneurship. But understanding Generation Alpha isn’t just about recognizing their potential—it’s about empowering them to realize it. This talk will provide practical strategies for fostering entrepreneurial thinking in young minds, from promoting creativity and innovation to nurturing resilience and adaptability. Attendees will walk away with actionable insights to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, driving the future of business and society.

Young Entrepreneurs: Shaping the Digital Commerce Landscape

The digital commerce landscape is being reshaped by young entrepreneurs like Wilhelmina, who are leveraging technology to create innovative products and services. This keynote will explore the role of young entrepreneurs in shaping the digital commerce landscape, discussing how their innovative ideas, tech-savviness, and fresh perspectives are driving change in the industry. But shaping the digital commerce landscape isn’t just about leveraging technology—it’s about understanding and responding to consumer needs in meaningful ways. This talk will provide practical strategies for young entrepreneurs to succeed in the digital commerce landscape, from understanding consumer behavior to leveraging digital marketing strategies. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of digital commerce, and how they can harness its power to drive business success.

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