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Business and Economic Analyst

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Specialist Subjects

  • Leadership in business
  • The psychology of recessions
  • Crises - PR and Reputation
  • How to win in the recession
  • What really happened in the credit crunch
  • Business growth
  • Risk - Take more risks (or regret forever)
  • Leadership without authority - If you can lead without authority then you can truly lead


  • English


A consultant to FTSE 100 and multi-national companies in the UK, USA and beyond at CEO level, Stephen Archer is well placed to provide commentary on business, economic and business trends and offer insightful perspectives on the changing nature of the world economy and corporate world. His main areas of expertise are commercial and marketing strategy; leadership and culture for high performance organisations.

Stephen Archer talks both in the capacity of an advisor to businesses and from the perspective of a business owner and someone who has set up and sold businesses in the past – he provides an impartial, diverse and highly experienced voice.

He has had extensive radio and TV experience – he has appeared on BBC TV News speaking on recessionary trends and is often on BBC radio. His views are also regularly quoted in the business and mainstream press.

He provides analysis on global EU and UK business trends, talks about what measures governments should take and what businesses need to do to break free of the economic cycle, restore confidence and maintain competitive strength. He can provide advice for businesses about how to move forward and the measures that are needed – in particular, leadership, innovation and managing the dynamics of the global economy.

In his capacity as a Trustee and Communications Director for the Cutty Sark – Stephen Archer led the Crisis management of this international icon after the fire of 2007. He also speaks on crisis management and crisis PR drawing heavily on his experience where he managed the media and communication but managed to keep the positive side of the story in the media spotlight for several months.

Stephen Archer is an entrepreneur, Business Graduate and Chartered Director.

He has three theme areas on which he brings his expertise and insight:

1. The economy – UK, EU and global. What’s going on and how it affects you
An informative, up to date and humorous guide to the state of the UK, EU, US and global economy and where it is going next. The big questions around China, the BRICs and debt crisis in Greece, Europe and America. How these affect your organisation and planning.

2. Customer engagement and innovation. How to outperform your competition and drive growth through sales and marketing. Businesses continue to have a tough time winning and keeping customers – most industries are more competitive than ever and yet there are success stories and approaches to customers that any business can take and it need not be expensive. Stephen’s talk will lift the lid on the mistaken accepted wisdoms and the opportunity for every business to improve customer profitability by 30% in one year!

3. Leadership – How to attain it
The holy grail for business today and yet so elusive. Why? Senior leaders are being far more than they were twenty years ago and yet the hunger for organisational effectiveness has not improved. This is a lateral look at what leadership is, what the threats are to it and how to attain leadership skills throughout the organisation so to that you don’t need an expensive CEO at all!

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