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Climate Psychologist, helping organisations align the wellbeing within the organisation with the necessary wellbeing of the world

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Specialist Subjects

  • The hidden culture of the organisation
  • A climate of change - Leadership and the psychological dimension of change
  • Preparing organisations for the mental health impact of climate change
  • Organisational Trauma - the biggest blindspot of our time
  • Climate Anxiety - dysfunction or long overdue sanity?
  • Warm data


  • English


Steffi Bednarek is an internationally recognised thought leader and consultant on climate psychology and systems thinking, working on the intersection between the human psyche and systems change. Her book ‘Climate, Psychology and Change” will be published in 2024 and has been called ‘a work of wisdom and radical ideas’ by Satish Kumar, ‘an important contribution to the climate debate’ by systems thinker Fritjof Capra and has been endorsed by Bill McKibben, Otto Scharmer and many others.

Steffi provides teams with practical and evidence-based tools that increase resilience, regenerative thinking and psychological maturity. The psychological mindset with which we meet the inter-connected challenges of our time plays a central part in our ability to adapt and respond to a changing environment. In a time in which the familiar ways to solve problems often become part of the problem, Steffi’s work supports leaders and teams: to face uncomfortable truths, to take care of climate related distress, to bridge the polarisations that often manifest in times of uncertainty and to create frameworks of care that minimise the negative impact that unconscious responses and non-responses can have on decision making capacities.

Steffi works with government, corporates, financial services, higher education and NGOs to provide incubation spaces for ripened leadership and regenerative thinking. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, the BBC, Ed Miliband’s “Reasons to be cheerful’ Podcast, Resurgence Magazine & the Ecologist and numerous international journals.

25 years of experience in depth psychology, complexity thinking, and climate psychology inform her work as well as many years in leadership positions. Steffi is an Associate of the Climate Psychology Alliance, ‘Firekeeper’ at the World Ethics Forum and Associate of the American Psychological Association’s Climate Change Group. She is also Co-founder of the Journal ‘Explorations into Climate Psychology’ and has authored many articles and several book chapters in addition to her own book, which will be published in June 2024.

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