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Shining a light on the intricacies of hacking and the complex experiences of growing up autistic

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Specialist Subjects

  • The challenges of preventing cybercrime
  • My route from cybercrime to cyber security
  • Everything is vulnerable
  • The difficulties facing autistic people in the world today



  • English


Solomon Gilbert has always had a passion for curiosity and a burning desire to know. This curiosity, happily married with a yearning to press large red buttons he shouldn’t, has in the past got him into some very hot water. However, it has also given him the knowledge and capability to meaningfully help others. The truth is, hacking is a marvellous joy of puzzles, secrets, mysteries, and code.

Following his arrest and investigation, he now provides insight into the otherwise unreachable secrets of cybercrime and hacking, answering industry questions on how cybercrime works; what the faces behind the masks look like; his own experience as a young, autistic cybercriminal; and the long road he took to work legally as a hacker.

As someone with unique experience on both sides of the ethical fence, his insights have been invaluable to the National Crime Agency’s Cyber Prevent scheme, the Home Office, and to Regional Organised Crime Units; all in an effort to help law enforcement understand what drives cybercrime and how to best prevent it. Law enforcement isn’t his only priority, however. Solomon Gilbert believes that everyone should have the opportunity to understand this strangely fascinating online world so marred in secrecy. It is his pleasure to draw back the curtain and inform anyone interested about our brilliant, bizarre online landscape.

Popular Talks by Solomon Gilbert

The challenges of preventing cybercrime

He worked closely with the NCA in formulating their cyber Prevent scheme, trying to keep young people from breaking the law. It’s a fascinating topic with some interesting challenges.

My route from cybercrime to cyber security

Having been arrested, kicked out of school, and investigated by the Counter-terrorism intelligence unit, the road to using my skills for good has been a struggle to accomplish.

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