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Сommunication and inclusion specialist, an award-winning speaker and the author of two books

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Specialist Subjects

  • Delivering effective feedback with emotional intelligence
  • Inclusive Leadership: Develop cultural awareness, create psychological safety and unleash the potential of your global, remote teams
  • Human skills for the future-ready workplace
  • Elevating empathy: The power of effective listening


  • English


Shola Kaye helps global organisations prepare for the future of work using the power of emotional intelligence, effective communication and inclusion nudges. Shola’s work is frequently described as practical, easily implementable and inspiring.

She shares frameworks, accessible case studies and valuable insights gained from working with clients across a wide range of industries. What truly sets Shola Kaye apart is her unique journey as a professional entertainer, having performed on stages worldwide. Prior to this, she spent time as a scientific researcher at the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and worked as a management consultant and corporate executive in the UK and the USA. Her background infuses her keynotes with a unique, engaging energy that captivates audiences, keeping them actively involved and encouraging introspection and interaction at every turn.

Successful companies are seeking to create environments of compassion, collaboration and inclusion, supporting their ever-more diverse, often remote, teams. They call on Shola to support their employees, helping them increase innovation, bolster belonging and develop engaged, loyal, productive environments. Shola’s clients include American Express, Deloitte, Google, Meta, IBM, Nestle, Henkel, GSK, Reckitt, HSBC and Oracle.

Shola Kaye is the author of two books (How to be a D.I.V.A. at Public Speaking and Big Talk, Small Talk) and has written for a variety of industry publications.

Popular Talks by Shola Kaye

Delivering effective feedback with emotional intelligence

Develop the skills to support and co-create your colleagues’ success. Delivering effective feedback is a valuable life skill. Feedback can be empowering, and inspiring and can drive an individual, and their team, towards fantastic success. However, if delivered in the wrong way, feedback can be divisive, demotivating, and destructive. And when we avoid giving feedback to spare someone’s feelings, the eventual outcome can be just as damaging.

Learning objectives:

● Discover the four elements required to create psychological safety so that your feedback is well-received.

● Gain insights from powerful personal stories and statistics on how feedback affects motivation and performance.

● Explore the repercussions of poor feedback styles such as The Drive-by, The Comparison, The Public Humiliation, and The Wrecking Ball.

● Take away an effective strategy for delivering feedback as an individual contributor.

After this session, you’ll feel renewed energy and enthusiasm for giving and receiving feedback. You’ll have a deeper insight into the role your personality plays when delivering feedback and will be able to take steps to optimise your performance. You’ll learn some effective frameworks for sharing feedback in a way that gets results.

Inclusive Leadership: Develop cultural awareness, create psychological safety and unleash the potential of your global, remote teams

Inclusive leadership is essential for success in today’s complex, dispersed and diverse workplaces. Inclusive leaders create a sense of belonging for all employees, regardless of their background, location or identity. This leads to increased engagement, happiness, and productivity. If you want

your organization to succeed, you need to equip your leaders, and their teams, with the skills and knowledge to communicate inclusively.

Learning Objectives:

● Understand the need for inclusive leadership, the six key traits of inclusive leaders, and how to translate those traits into essential behaviours.

● Learn to develop a psychologically safe environment that supports innovation and creativity.

● Develop cultural awareness and use language that is respectful and inclusive.

● Recognise the power of inclusion nudges for remote and in-person teams, and learn some simple but effective strategies for running inclusive meetings.

After this session you’ll feel better able to support your remote, diverse, cross-cultural teams, creating an environment of understanding, innovation, and high performance.

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