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The only sportswomen ever to hold four major track titles concurrently

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Specialist Subjects

  • Resilience and Hybrid Working
  • Mindset and self-belief
  • Sustaining Excellence
  • Conflict resolution and overcoming Adversity


  • English


Sally Gunnell’s rise to the pinnacle of her sport was hard won. She blew the chance to be World Champion in 1991, stormed back to win Olympic Gold in 1992 and defied incredible odds to become World Champion in 1993, setting a new World Record in the process. She contended with injuries, athletes that she saw as more naturally gifted and, a relatively modest support infrastructure compared to her peers.

Her success, by her own admission, was down to a firm grip over her own mind and a lot of very hard graft.

Sally Gunnell remains a towering figure in British athletics. She has more than 15 years’ experience in addressing a wide variety of corporate audiences. She has covered global conferences of thousands and senior leadership teams of just 6. Her natural, easy-going style belies her relentless focus on achieving and sustaining excellence.

Sally Gunnell effortlessly weaves the secrets of sporting achievement with the valuable components that underpin success in business. Her key themes hold resonance for senior decision-makers and junior staff alike. No corporate speaks, no clever-sounding management models. Just tried-and-tested solutions and techniques that took a farmer’s daughter from the hay bales of Essex to the winner’s podium at the Barcelona Olympics.

Sally’s honest, down-to-earth approach has won her many admirers over the years. She has written four books and her latest gets right under the skin of what makes a successful, fulfilled person. For the first time, she brings together in one place all the themes that have brought success in her sporting, business and family lives. ’10 hurdles for life ‘is for anyone who knows they have something to accomplish in life and is focused on enabling it to happen. The only limit is our imagination, understand this and the game of life becomes more fun and less hard work.

Popular Talks by Sally Gunnell

Resilience and Hybrid Working

Making Hybrid work for everyone.
Why exercise is vital to a good work ethic.
Strength of the mind and how to tap into it.
Why failure is our greatest teacher.

Mindset and self-belief

Fear Allowing it to be our guide not our master.
Wellbeing – why the mind body connection more important than ever.
Mental strength.
Imposter Syndrome.
Living in the now.
Stress – Recognising the signs and learning how notice an imbalance.

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