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Creative visionary, culture & network strategist, Co-founder RegenerateX and Unconditional Men

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Specialist Subjects

  • How to Stay Human in the Age of AI
  • Elevate Collaboration with the Transformative Power of Socratic Dialogue
  • Energetic Balance Workshop
  • Regenerative Business Innovation - The Next Paradigm Shift
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Regenerative Business Innovation
  • Regenerative Leadership
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Ethical Technology


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish


Rudy De Waele’s mission is to bring regenerative principles to business leaders as a holistic way of thinking, being, and acting that can be institutionalised to create a more meaningful, balanced and beautiful world.

Rudy has lifelong experience on the frontiers of cultural, artistic and technological innovation. He advises companies, leaders and projects on how to design regenerative businesses, co-create hybrid experiences and activate communities for regenerative presence and action.

Rudy De Waele guides, connects and inspires leaders, and entrepreneurs to co-create the regeneration paradigm and in getting ready for the next waves of change through talks, circles, workshops and curating training programs and conferences. His focus is on creating experiential learning and communal experiences on how to thrive in a regenerative economy and how to design conscious businesses and a meaningful life. He coaches practical guidance and inspires an awareness connecting past and future generations.

He is a Keynote Speaker on Regenerative Business Innovation. In his +40 years of experience working in innovation in different sectors and working as a futurist for the last 15 years, his vision for the future is that the deeper underlying systemic shifts cannot happen any longer on the outside and need to happen from innovating from within ourselves.

He founded Unconditional Men, a platform and a community for evolutionary men, empowering the authentic transformation of leaders in service to the regeneration of our communities and the world.

Popular Talks by Rudy De Waele

How to Stay Human in the Age of AI

As AI increasingly replaces humans due to cost efficiency, and the lack of meaning at work impacts well-being and productivity, striking a balance between technology and humanity becomes crucial for organizational prosperity.

The shift away from Cartesian-Newtonian paradigms necessitates a reevaluation of how we integrate technology while preserving our humanity. With AI capable of reprogramming genes and rising rates of burnout and depression, it’s imperative to reintroduce human elements into enterprises and organizations.

How do we retain our humanity while embracing living systems AI? How can we align leadership, business, and innovation with sustainable practices that benefit our lives, planet, and future generations? Visionary, compassionate leadership is essential, recognizing both the evolution of technology and our intrinsic human capabilities.

Designing systems prioritizing sustainability and embracing principles of symbiosis, diversity, and regeneration is paramount. The entire organizational ecosystem, including shareholders, leaders, and employees, plays a crucial role in shaping a prosperous future of work.

Rudy offers a unique perspective, blending expertise and real-world examples to guide audiences in transforming their thinking and actions. Tailored presentations and executive workshops can be booked including tools such as Socratic Dialogue and Energy Balance Workshops to co-create the future of organizations.

Elevate Collaboration with the Transformative Power of Socratic Dialogue

The Socratic Dialogue technique is a versatile tool that can be applied across various teams and fields, from business and marketing to HR, legal, technology, and beyond. Designed to stimulate critical thinking and uncover underlying assumptions, it provides a platform for clarity and innovation.

In each session, participants engage in thought-provoking discussions aimed at achieving consensus or plurality understanding on moral, ethical, technical, or social issues. Through this process, individuals sharpen their critical and ethical thinking abilities, gaining deeper insights into the complexities of the topic at hand.

Typically spanning about 1.5 hours, a Socratic Dialogue session is flexible and can be extended based on the depth of inquiry or desired outcome. Whether seeking to address specific challenges, generate fresh ideas, or cultivate a culture of collaboration, our sessions empower teams to navigate complex issues with confidence and clarity.

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