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Ethical Hacker and CEO of SocialProof Security

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Specialist Subjects

  • Hacking in the Age of AI: How AI, Voice Cloning, and ChatGPT Has Changed the Way We Hack
  • How I Would Hack You: Live!
  • Inside the Mind of a Hacker
  • Exploiting Trust - The Human Element of Security


  • English


Rachel Tobac is an ethical hacker and CEO of SocialProof Security where she helps people and companies keep their data and money safe from social engineering threats.

A winner of DEFCON’s wild spectator sport, the Social Engineering ‘Capture the Flag’ contest, she was also one of the first to correctly predict and unpack the infamous 2020 Twitter hack in real time while providing recommendations to the public to help other organizations avoid disastrous social engineering attacks in the future. In her spare time, Rachel is the Chair of the Board for the nonprofit Women in Security and Privacy which where she works to advance women to lead in the fields.

Rachel Tobac has shared her real life social engineering stories with NPR, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, The New York Times, Business Insider, CNN, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and many more.

Popular Talks by Rachel Tobac

Hacking in the Age of AI: How AI, Voice Cloning, and ChatGPT Has Changed the Way We Hack

In the past year, we’ve witnessed a paradigm shift in hacking with the advent of powerful AI algorithms, AI voice-cloning capabilities, and the accessibility of ChatGPT. These AI innovations have revolutionized the way hackers operate, presenting both unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the cybersecurity community. Join us as we explore live AI hacking demonstrations, discuss the implications of these hacks on your organization, and how you can still catch these hackers in the act – even in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

How I Would Hack You: Live!

This live demo is one of Tobac’s most sought-after events. YOU pick a team member—ideally someone with a social media presence and a sense of humor! SHE will hack them LIVE—in-person or virtually—but with zero real-world consequences or harm to their social identity or your organization’s cyber security. As she hacks them, Tobac explains, step by step, what a real hacker would do, how they would do it and why you would be unlikely to see it coming. As the audience, you and your team get a chance to step into the shoes of a hacker and see spear phishing and other trending hacker techniques in action (but in a safe and controlled environment). It’s a fun and powerful way to make everyone on your team aware of the importance of cyber security while highlighting both the risks we face and the responsibilities we all have as individuals and organizations in the digital realm.

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