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Award-winning lawyer, Business Strategist, CEO/executive Coach, and Author

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Marvellous Leader: The Journey to Purpose and Growth
  • From Good to Marvellous: Unlocking Our Inner Hero
  • The Marvellous Lawyer: Unravelling Our Hidden Potential
  • Fostering a Marvellous Culture
  • The MARVEL of Engagement: Turning Passive Employees in o Active Ambassadors
  • The MARVEL of Happiness: Unlocking Personal Development


  • English
  • Greek


Philippos Aristotelous is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of diverse experience in various leadership and professional roles. He is an award-winning lawyer, business strategist, CEO/executive coach, and author. He is an award-winning lawyer and author of “The MARVEL of Engagement”, described as “the concise bible of employees’ engagement” and “The MARVEL of Happiness,” described as “One of the most entertaining and useful guides on how to life a fuller life” and now pending the publication of its second edition following the success of the first.

Earlier in his career, Philippos Aristotelous worked as a senior partner and head of taxation at Cyprus’s largest law firm. His expertise in practice management, leadership, and HR committee participation contributed to his hundreds of publications,interviews and works featuring in top-tier publications like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Oxford University Press, Law Business Research, and others.

Currently, Philippos helps organizations and leaders improve their performance by bringing their core values into focus, increasing workplace engagement, and fostering environments where employees can flourish. He is an Associate Consultant at Great Place to Work(R), an organization committed to helping companies and leaders thrive by improving engagement levels. He lives in Limassol with his wife and three children and in his spare time he writes books, composes music and performs magic.

Finally, Philippos Aristotelous is the creator of the MARVEL brand of leadership books, lectures and leadership and coaching programs in the field of personal and professional development. The MARVEL of Engagement™ stands of meaning, autonomy, relatedness, values, experience and learning and offers the six keys to higher engagement as well as personal and organisational success.

Popular Talks by Philippos Aristotelous

The Marvellous Leader: The Journey to Purpose and Growth

Philippos offers insights and strategies for leaders to develop their skills and inspire their teams to achieve higher levels of performance. His talks cover topics like effective communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and creating a positive workplace culture.

From Good to Marvellous: Unlocking Our Inner Hero

In this talk, Philippos shares his insights on how to develop a growth mindset and the importance of taking courageous actions to achieve success.

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