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Global Thought Leader and Practitioner in Regenerative Investment Strategies

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Specialist Subjects

  • Regenerative Investment and Economics
  • Transitions for Climate Change
  • Sustainability & ESG
  • Regenerative Leadership
  • Technology


  • English


Peta Milan (She/Her) is the Founder and Principal of Henmil Group Family Office, a Dubai-based single family office at the forefront of Regenerative Investing. With an impressive portfolio that includes groundbreaking initiatives such as Transcendent Media Capital, a Hong Kong-based venture studio, and JET Group, which specializes in scaled regenerative transitions for various places / governments, investors and corporations, Peta has carved out a unique niche in the investment world. Her ventures don’t just end there; she has also invested in Zuma the Dog and Friends Edutainment, an Edtech company that emphasizes regenerative education for preschoolers.

A multifaceted professional, Peta is not just an investor but an award-winning filmmaker, published author, and international speaker. Her visionary approach aims to transcend traditional frameworks of sustainability and ESG. Instead, she focuses on implementing regenerative frameworks that integrate development, policy and governance to enable assets, places, and people to flourish, all while adhering to living systems principles. Respected for her foundational thinking on Regenerative Investing, Peta’s influence extends well beyond her bases in Dubai and Europe.

Peta Milan’s work is a reflection of her broader vision for a sustainable and thriving global ecosystem, setting a precedent for other investors and policymakers to follow. Whether through her investments in early-stage ventures, or her thought leadership in regeneration, Peta Milan is shaping the future of responsible and impactful investing. As an accredited Regenerative Practitioner, with an MBA in International Business and Finance, qualifications from Oxford University and the London School of Economics in Blockchain Strategy and Competitive Strategy & Innovation respectively, Peta also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, trained in Eastern Philosophies including Buddhism, Hinduism and Ancient Hebrew traditions, and is an accredited Tantra facilitator.

Peta Milan brings traditional wisdom to modern finance, business, and scalable regenerative transitions. Her books include “Extinction Governance, Finance and Accounting Implementing a Species Protection Action Plan for the Financial Markets” and forthcoming book “Why Sustainability Doesn’t Work: The Regenerative Alternative”.

Popular Talks by Peta Milan

Regenerative Investment and Economics

What is regenerative investing and how is it different to impact investing? How does it mitigate down-side risk on your investments including climate risk? What does a regenerative portfolio look like? What is a regenerative economic model? How can regenerative investing create legacy wealth and mitigate climate change, establishing regenerative transition funds.

Transitions for Climate Change

How to accelerate transitions to net positive, what does transition look like for places, investors and corporations? why the energy transition won’t combat climate change, transitions from local, to regional and national; regenerative policy development; industry specific transitions including regenerative tourism, regenerative mining, regenerative agriculture, regenerative governance – traceability of impact. The role of indigenous and traditional wisdom in transition work.

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