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Group Head of Data & AI Ethics, Ethics Board Co-Chair, Generative AI Assurance Lead, C-Suite advisor, PhD and Researcher in AI, University Lecturer, AI Program Execution Manager

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Specialist Subjects

  • Ethical AI and Responsible AI – what is it and why is it important
  • Managing AI Risks – what can firms do? How do we map, measure, and manage risks
  • What and how to deploy GenAI
  • Impact to Society and People – how do we talk about this and what do we do to ensure good outcomes
  • How should we talk about AI – what role will it play in our lives in the futures?
  • What are AI is limitations and how should we socialise and make people aware
  • Work force impact – how should companies manage job losses
  • Enterprise Arch – how do we ensure we can scale, adopt and learn as we go
  • National AI policies and legislation – how is that developing and what do we need to be aware of
  • Geopolitical implications of GenAI



  • English


Dr Paul Dongha is a pioneering figure in the transformational potential of AI and stands at the forefront of integrating AI within a range of industries, championing an approach that harmonizes technological advancement with corporate integrity and the Responsible use of AI. With a career spanning over 30yrs, Paul has cultivated a reputation for visionary leadership, guiding organisations in seizing AI opportunities, whilst maintaining a steadfast commitment to ethical principles.

Paul is the first Bank-wide Head of Data & AI Ethics at the UKs largest bank, leading a dedicated team of ethics practitioners, and pioneering Responsible AI in the UK.

Paul’s influence extends beyond corporate boardrooms and into the global arena, where he actively participates in international forums, policy discussions, projects aimed at setting global standards for responsible AI.

As a deep technologist, Paul has extensive hands-on experience in building service-based, high-performance systems incorporating Big Data. He has research and lectureship experience in computer science and AI stretching back to the early 90s.

Paul has the depth and breadth of commercial and academic experience to articulate principles and actionable steps that organisations can adopt to bring the theory of Generative AI into real-world applications. Executives and decision makers will find his insights indispensable in formulating and delivering their AI strategy.

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