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Wonder Woman and leading global authority on the future of work

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Specialist Subjects

  • The Power of Wonder
  • Wonder at Work
  • The Soft Revolution: Upskilling Our Humanity in an Age of AI
  • Your Brain on Change: The Keys to Change Leadership and Unlocking Your Resiliency Potential
  • Duality in Disruption: Finding the Positive in the Most Difficult Times, and Why it’s Important We Do


  • English


If you’re ready to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the future of work with a sense of wonder, meet Monica Parker, the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Power of Wonder and a world-renowned speaker, writer, and authority on the future of work. Monica has spent decades helping people discover how to lead and live wonderfully as the founder of global human analytics and change consultancy HATCH, weaving together psychology and neuroscience with business strategy and leadership training.

Drawing from her diverse background which includes stints as an opera singer, a museum exhibition designer, a policy director, and a homicide investigator defending death row inmates, she brings a unique perspective to the conversation on the future of work. Having worked with global powerhouses such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Prudential, LEGO, ViacomCBS, Indeed, PwC, BBC, Harvard, NYU and many others, Monica champions a human approach—one rooted in curiosity, empathy and resilience.

Through Monica Parker’s dynamic keynotes and immersive workshops, she empowers teams to thrive amidst uncertainty, fostering engaging experiences where every voice is heard, and every idea is explored. And her client-tailored delivery strikes the perfect balance of humorous and human storytelling sprinkled with accessible and actionable research. Join Monica Parker as she takes attendees on an exploration where the future of work is not a destination but rather a realm of untapped opportunity.

Popular Talks by Monica Parker

The Power of Wonder

Wonder is such a primal and primary element of our collective consciousness and yet has only recently been defined and researched in earnest by the scientific community. In this dynamic keynote, Monica will explore the elements of wonder, the psychological and physiological benefits of this incredible emotion, and ways to find it day to day. Covering topics like health and wellbeing, relationships, learning, resiliency, and more, attendees will leave understanding how to build a wonder mindset. Filled with scientific references along with a good dose of inspiration, Monica will help attendees see the positive potential of wonder in their lives and how they can have more of it.

Wonder at Work

We need wonder. As a population, we are overwhelmed. Inundated by change, distracted by choice, polarized into ever reductive tribes, and struggling to reach equilibrium, we are living in a world of instant gratification, life hacks, and quick fixes. Wonder is the catalyst to build the social and emotional competencies we need to make us more open, more curious, more compassionate more human. In this engaging keynote, Monica will share the basics of wonder and how it can support improved organizational culture, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and teamwork. Using real world examples, and heaps of research, Monica will guide attendees through the myriad benefits of wonder at work and how to find and cultivate it. Covering topics like resiliency, empathy, ethics, trust, creativity, curiosity, and emotional intelligence, this keynote will provide attendees with practical takeaways to implement in their workplace immediately.

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