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Specialist Subjects

  • Oops My Office is Gone: The evolution of Remote Work and future trends
  • Be Well at Work: How to maintain your well-being at work
  • Go Remote to Boost Your Happiness: How remote work can have positive impact on mental and physical well-being
  • Creating Thriving Cultures: The importance of building a strong company culture and how it affects the company results
  • The Power of Decentralization: The evolution of centralizationon and its impact on economy, social life and work


  • English


Mine Dedekoca is a beacon in the Future of Work movement, with a storied 15-year tenure at the helm of international technology firms, pioneering transformative workplace environments. As the innovative founder of Happy Work Studio, Mine has reimagined organizational culture, nurturing spaces where joy, fulfillment, and self-awareness are core. Her acclaimed leadership was nationally recognized at Crossover, where she led the country operations of the world’s largest remote workforce, heralding a new era of work flexibility.

Mine’s exceptional ability to mobilize a 230-strong cloud professional community as Virtasant’s Head of Community exemplifies her knack for fostering innovation and collaboration. She emerged as Turkey’s inaugural Future of Work expert, actively raising awareness and cultivating community through strategic events and initiatives. Her influential positions as a founding member of the Remote-First Institute and country ambassador for Transform Global have been pivotal in steering the conversation around remote work and its global implementation.

Notably, Mine’s dedication and insights into the future of work have been recognized internationally, earning her a spot as one of the influencers in Remote.com’s Influencer Report for two consecutive years, showcasing her significant impact in the realm of remote work and flexible workplaces.

In her commitment to enhancing workforce wellbeing and resilience, Mine shines as a Certified Happiness Coach and Happiitude India’s licensed partner. Her consultancy work spans over 100 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, revolutionizing workplace culture towards a more dynamic and successful organizational model.

Mine’s entrepreneurial spirit thrived with the creation of Turkey’s premier digital invitation platform, Davetpostasi.com, actively enriching both local and global startup ecosystems. Her role as Country Partner for the Global Startup Awards and SAGE Global further underscores her commitment to Turkey’s startup community.

As a passionate educator, Mine delivers keynote speeches and workshops worldwide, empowering individuals with the tools needed for success in today’s evolving job market. Her contributions to academia, through regular lectures on lean startup principles, underscore her dedication to preparing future leaders.

Mine Dedekoca’s journey is a source of inspiration, leading the way to a future where work is fulfilling, empowering, and centered on human happiness.

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