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  • Becoming Superhuman: Supercharge your productivity through the new AI ecosystem and future-ready life hacks!
  • The Future of Work: Navigating the New Economics of Talent, AI and Multi-Generational Workplaces in a Post-COVID World
  • Leading in a VUCA 2.0 World: Equipping Leaders with the Mindsets, Skills, and Strategies for Success in an Uncertain Future
  • The Future of Tech: Beyond AI - Exploring the Bedrock and Interface Layers of 21st-Century Technologies


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Matt has spent his 20-year career at the cutting edge of media and communications technology. He pioneered commercial webcasting when most people were still on dial-up internet connections and has developed a range of creative products – including the ‘PitchPack Hybrid book’, a fusion of electronic display and print – at a time when businesses have found it progressively harder to engage meaningfully with their audiences. He sold his first business in 2007, then went on to create his second, ModComms, which exists today to help clients differentiate their marketing and communication through cutting edge technology and human-level approaches.

With an extensive track record of presenting to organisations in many sectors and across four continents, Matt has also created cutting-edge media and tailored future-focused content for diverse international clients. Infusing each presentation with energy and enthusiasm, Matt’s keynote speeches on the Future of Work, Leadership, and Technology are characterised by a single objective – empowering attendees to take action and implement tomorrow what they are not doing today.

But that’s not all – Matt is also well known for having an insatiable curiosity about how the world is changing. This curiosity led him to his calling: helping people become “future-ready” in an uncertain world. He’s written two books on the subject, both aimed at helping people create positive futures for themselves.

“The Future is Now” serves as a set of signposts to a world gripped by accelerated change. It delves deeply into business, manufacturing, leadership, work, society, media, crime, and technology, presenting insightful analyses of how these areas are not just inextricably linked by technological convergence, but also offer new opportunities for businesses and society as a whole. Readers always walk away with fresh perspectives that they can apply right now to create better futures.

In the coming years, we’ll continue to see profound technological, social, and cultural change – but it will be even faster and look and feel completely different. “Future Hackers,” a sequel to “The Future Is Now,” is the indispensable guide to these changes, which will not only affect work, leadership, technology, and our emerging post-pandemic lives but will also combine to create entirely new ways of living. This book provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the upcoming trends, opportunities, and challenges, better equipping them to thrive towards 2030 and beyond. What’s truly remarkable about Matt is that he doesn’t just talk the talk – he walks the walk. He lives many of the ideas and concepts he talks about, which makes him a true authority on the subject.

Popular Talks by Matt O’Neill

Becoming Superhuman: Supercharge your productivity through the new AI ecosystem and future-ready life hacks!

Envision a realm where AI’s power is harnessed to boost productivity and creativity, whilst simultaneously granting your team the flexibility they desire. With innovative approaches, it’s possible to have it all. “Becoming Superhuman” is a groundbreaking keynote that will revolutionise both you and your organisation. Uncover the latest technology and future-proof life hacks that will metamorphose your business, making you exponentially more productive and content, all with minimal effort. Key concepts include making sense of AI and its impact on work, grasping GPT-4 and its use in your context, exploring the vast AI ecosystem, and preparing yourself for the AI Age with techniques to develop a synthesising mindset and Resilience 2.0. Ultimately, we’ll bring it all together with key takeaways, emphasising assistive rather than replacement technologies and the synergy of computerisation and humanisation.

The Future of Work: Navigating the New Economics of Talent, AI and Multi-Generational Workplaces in a Post-COVID World

In today’s ever-changing world, Covid was just the tip of the iceberg; the new economics of talent and the formidable power of AI are shaping a more challenging market. To equip your organisation with future-fit thinking, this tailor-made keynote addresses critical topics, such as understanding automation and working alongside tech, identifying the necessary skills for thriving leaders and teams, and the role of continuous learning. Moreover, we delve into the complexities of multi-generational workplaces, navigating the shifting attitudes towards work and fostering effective collaboration. We also explore the new rules of engagement in both physical and hybrid environments, venturing into the metaverse, while shedding light on the jobs of the future, their origin, and the evolution of roles within your industry.

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