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MBA, PHD, Leadership Resilience & Burnout Expert

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Specialist Subjects

  • Resilience and change: Harnessing the opportunity of the moment
  • Beyond positive thinking: Creating your growth mindset
  • Mental agility: Preventing and managing compassion fatigue and burnout
  • The creative power of resilience for leaders and managers
  • Mental health through dynamic events: Best practices for your own, your team’s and your organization’s mental health
  • Workshop: Your Strategic Resilience Plan


  • English
  • French


Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier is an award-winning Leadership and Workplace Mental Health Expert, Psychologist, Advisor and Speaker.

As one of only a handful of work psychologists holding both a PHD and MBA, Dr. Pelletier brings a mix of business and clinical expertise to her talks and client work.

She has led mental health strategy in senior leadership positions for organizations such as Sun Life Financial, a Global 500 company.

Dr. Pelletier has been on the boards of the Canadian Psychological Association and the International Association of Applied Psychology and is an active member of the Global Clinical Practice Network of the World Health Organization.

She possesses a unique ability to translate psychology research about health, performance, and resiliency into strategies that professionals, leaders, and teams need to thrive.

Popular Talks by Marie-Helene Pelletier

Resilience and change: Harnessing the opportunity of the moment

In an era of transformational change, teams and team members are experiencing the impacts in multiple ways. Some impacts are an acceleration of pre-existing trends. And some are new. But one thing is clear – many of these changes are far-reaching.

In this presentation, workplace mental health expert Dr. Pelletier brings together her weekly work as a practicing work psychologist with current research in workplace psychology to challenge your assumptions and help your organization understand these changes at individual, team and organizational levels.

More importantly, she highlights the ways that organizations and individuals can both manage these changes and turn them to an advantage. By approaching this moment in time with curiosity, agility and renewed energy and purpose, we can not only adapt to change, we can thrive.

  • Identify key forces impacting the mental agility of individuals, teams and organizations and warning signs
  • Understand psychological implications and opportunities
  • Learn practical, research-based ways to improve how individuals, teams and organizations can nourish renewed energy and purpose

Beyond positive thinking: Creating your growth mindset

Are your thoughts helping you or making things worse? For many of us, challenging times can bring thoughts that become our own worst enemy.

In this keynote Dr. Marie-Helene challenges assumptions about how much you can influence your thoughts (and support those around you). The mental short-cuts, cognitive distortions and biases that can often derail our plans and intentions can be influenced. If not, these can lead to bad feelings (for you and others), sub-optimal performance, costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

Being able to pick-up cognitive biases and untangling unhelpful thoughts result in having more clarity, more creativity, more mental agility.

  • Understand what cognitive biases are and how they operate in your brain
  • Identify the types of cognitive biases that you may experience most often
  • Learn how to increase awareness of how cognitive biases influence behaviours and what you can do to change their impact towards mental agility.

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