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Expert on service design thinking

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Specialist Subjects

  • Service Design
  • Innovation
  • Customer Experience


  • English


Marc Stickdorn is one of the world’s leading service design thinkers and is the co-author of the award-winning book This is Service Design Thinking.

Stickdorn helps both private and public organisations to build knowledge in the field of service design. He supports them to apply service design within their organisational structures and processes; aiming to break down silos, reduce development costs of new products and services, and to improve customer experience.

Stickdorn is an associate of DesignThinkers Academy in Amsterdam and WorkPlayExperience in Nuremberg. He is also a respected researcher having published numerous academic papers on service design and ethnography – including two Best Paper Awards. In his research, he has developed the innovative research approach of mobile ethnography using smartphones to collect real data from customers.

In 2012 he co-founded Smaply, a software company developing software for service design. Smaply is a web-based software to visualise customer experiences with personas, stakeholder maps, and customer journey maps. In 2013, he founded his latest start-up: the academic spin-off ExperienceFellow. The company offers a combination of mobile apps and web-based software to research customer experience through mobile ethnography.

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