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Technology and Videogame Evangelist, Journalist, Author, Radio Host & Producer. Host of the Tech Impact TV show

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Specialist Subjects

  • Top 10 future tech trends worth getting excited about
  • Shop talk: The Future of Commerce
  • Is ‘choice overload’ hurting sales?
  • Aging in Place: How Tech Can Help Seniors Live Longer Independently
  • Tech Talk: Empowering today’s workforce for tomorrow
  • AgTech Trends That Will Change Your Business
  • Home, Smart, Home
  • Get cyber safe
  • Social Media For Business: Tips, Tricks and Simple Steps to Success
  • PR do’s and don’ts
  • Landing the dream job


  • English


For the past 30 years Marc Saltzman has become a recognized and trusted tech expert with one simple goal: to break down geek speak into street speak.

Marc is a prolific freelance journalist for more than 25 publications — including USA TODAY/, Reader’s Digest, Costco Connection, AARP, Zoomer, Common Sense Media, Post/Sun Media, Yahoo!, MSN, Toronto Star, Homefront, Parents Canada, and several others – as well as a 16-time author. Marc’s latest is in the works, Apple Vision Pro for Dummies.

Marc produces and hosts the nationally syndicated Tech It Out radio show in the U.S. (100+ stations) and popular podcast, and the Tech Talk show in Canada (11 stations + iHeartRadio). Both shows include daily 1-minute “interstitials” across the country.

Millions of moviegoers have seen Marc at Cineplex theaters, where he hosted the Gear Guide spot for 11 years, and continues to be a regular on several U.S. and Canadian stations, including CNN, NBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg Television, Global Television, CTV, and others. On Global TV in Canada, Marc hosts Tech Tuesday and the Tech Minute with Marc Saltzman segment, while in the U.S. Marc hosts the Tech Impact television show.

On social media, Marc has many tens of thousands of followers on various platforms, looking for the latest tech news, reviews, and interviews.

Based in Toronto, Marc specializes in consumer electronics, interactive entertainment, generative AI, shifting shopping and retail habits, cybersecurity, smart home tech, aging in place (for aging adults), PR tips and tricks, automotive innovations, business tech, and future trends like robotics.

Popular Talks by Marc Saltzman

Top 10 future tech trends worth getting excited about

If you thought today’s tech was cool, to quote ‘70s rockers Bachman-Turner Overdrive, “baby you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Be prepared to be blown away at the future, when TV and radio personality Marc Saltzman takes you on a journey into tech trends of tomorrow. After a short primer on what’s trending today — including smart homes, wearables, and mixed reality — this visually rich presentation will no doubt inspire attendees about what’s to come, as we explore domestic robots, self-driving cars, next-generation 3-D printing, delivery drones, space tourism, and much more. Strap in, as this fast-paced talk covers a lot of ground, in a highly entertaining ride through a half-dozen tech topics.

Shop talk: The Future of Commerce

As the ‘ol adage goes, the only constant is change. Technology has forever transformed the way we work, play, and communicate – especially due to pandemic life. But how is the evolving technological landscape shaping the North American shopping experience? What do customers want today, and where are we going in the near future? From the evolution of the omnichannel and AI-powered customer journeys to the role of social media and mixed reality, technology evangelist Marc Saltzman will discuss today’s and tomorrow’s tech trends for demanding consumers.

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