Kelly Vero – Keynote Speaker

Futurist, game developer and an architect of the Metaverse

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Specialist Subjects

  • Free-to-Play
  • Betting on the Metaverse
  • The metaverse and you!
  • Truly Beyond Games
  • Gamification for other verticals - how we can leverage gameplay into everything from learning to saving lives
  • Ethical AI - What I've learned from Marcel Proust to build the ultimate Black Box
  • Anyone can AI/ML - use cases in everyday things from your morning commute to your next vacation (ChatGPT not included!)
  • Green IT and Digital Waste - why Space Jam's 1996 website was so bad for the planet
  • Interoperability will save the world - digital objects that make the digital you
  • The 3D Internet - from X to edge computing, why everything global is going local
  • You are doing ESG wrong - why fashion's landfill problem might never be solved


  • English


Discover Kelly Vero: A visionary luminary where technology meets creativity, boasting a transformative 30-year odyssey in game development and tech innovation. Having imprinted her genius upon iconic franchises, Kelly now shapes industries, merging groundbreaking roles in premier video game creation with her advocacy for gamification, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) beyond gaming. Kelly Vero’s passions span education, sustainability, and ingenious problem-solving, propelling innovation across domains.

From collaborating with Lara Croft to partnering with LVMH, Kelly infuses gamification and AI into products, services, and workflows, catalyzing elevated experiences. Recognized as one of the exclusive Future 100 Women—an enclave of the world’s most accomplished female technologists—Kelly stands as a pinnacle of success.

In 2023, Kelly Vero authored a book titled “From Pixels to Portals,” delving into the metaverse’s future by tracing the progression of video games. Kelly is also an award winner; in January 2024 she won the coveted Startup Innovation Prize at the World Economic Forum event in Davos. She is the CEO, and more importantly as a woman in technology, the CTO of NAK3D, a transformative digital fashion business bringing about change in how we perceive and value fashion at the intersection of video games and virtual platforms.

Immerse your audience in Kelly Vero’s foresights as she navigates AI’s future, outlines gamification’s diverse applications, and unveils the ecological impacts of historical tech endeavors. Secure her presence now to invigorate your forthcoming conference with a speaker seamlessly harmonizing imagination and technological ingenuity.

Popular Talks by Kelly Vero


Developing Creators in the Metaverse. In the session she will bust some myths and prepare the audience minds for the next stage of the metaverse through the eyes of our players and end-users.

Betting on the Metaverse

Why the future of Casinos is Web3. In this exciting presentation, metaverse thought-leader and futurist Kelly Vero will look at the landscape of casinos across technology; busting myths and inviting a new way of thinking about the future of playing as a lifestyle. This promises to be a lively two-way conversation to illustrate the power of fun in future gambling, betting and casinos: from VR and AR to metaverse and gaming.

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