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  • Thriving in the workplace. The intersection of peak performance and well-being
  • The Blueprint of Successful Teams: A Neuroscience Approach for Creating High Performance
  • The power of momentum. The ultimate performance edge for 2024
  • Corporate Well-Being
  • Peak Performance
  • Mindset Change
  • Business Motivation


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Jim Steele is a dynamic thought leader and catalyst for transformative change within organizations worldwide. With a career spanning across Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia, Jim’s expertise lies in engaging leaders and inspiring teams to elevate their mindsets and behaviours. As a sought-after key note speaker and podcast guest, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to help listeners unlock their full potential.
Drawing inspiration from neuroscientific research, Jim is on a perpetual quest for innovative solutions to address the dynamic challenges of today’s fast-paced business landscape. His latest book, “Unashamedly Superhuman: Harness Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Greatest Professional and Personal Goals,” encapsulates his passion for combining high performance with well-being. Through captivating storytelling and actionable insights, Jim provides a roadmap for reclaiming time, space, freedom, and fulfilment in our lives.

Jim’s keynote sessions leave an indelible impact, providing delegates with practical tools and strategies crucial for pivotal moments. Grounded in a fusion of business models, neuroscience, performance psychology, and accelerated learning principles, Jim ensures that the insights gained transcend the conference setting, influencing tangible business results long after the event.

Whether on stage or in the pages of his book, Jim Steele is a beacon of inspiration, offering a can’t-miss guide to peak performance.

Each of Jim’s speeches are grounded in neuroscience, designed for those looking to combat the effects of distraction and uncertainty, and instead cultivate laser-sharp focus on achieving their professional goals.

Jim has a diverse clientele consisting of companies in the corporate sector. He collaborates with leaders and high potentials, providing them with various programs offered at the esteemed London Business School. Notably, his work has garnered attention and recognition from reputable publications such as Forbes, The Association of MBS’s, Elite Business Magazine, The Huffington Post, and The Guardian. Moreover, Jim actively contributes to several industry blogs and podcasts on a regular basis.

Popular Talks by Jim Steele

Thriving in the workplace. The intersection of peak performance and well-being

“Peak performers do two things every day. They push themselves to the edge of their abilities and then they recover in a world class way!”

In this session Jim discusses the practical applications of his extensive experience and research in inspiring high-performing teams. By drawing on real-world examples and case studies, he can elaborate on how leaders can effectively engage their teams to unlock hidden potential, fostering a workplace culture that combines high performance with employee well-being. He explores how individuals can push their limits while maintaining balance and taking care of their mental and physical well-being. This topic delves into the importance of recovery, mental focus, and the science behind achieving peak performance.

Drawing inspiration from neuroscience research, Jim offers unique insights into optimizing performance. He shares practical strategies on how to leverage neuroscience principles to enhance productivity, creativity, and decision-making. This topic provides actionable tips for interpreting and applying neuroscience findings in the context of professional success.
This session uncovers 3 proven performance hacks that impact both productivity and sustainability.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is essential to reframe demanding, high-reaching business objectives into inspiring opportunities. By shifting our perspective, we can unlock newfound confidence, motivation and enthusiasm within ourselves and our teams. This reframing process enables us to see challenges as stepping stones to success, fostering a culture of inspiration and motivation.

To cultivate a high-performing team, we must create a culture that encourages the state of mind known as “the zone” or flow. This state of flow occurs when individuals are fully immersed in their tasks, experiencing total focus and elevated performance. By providing an environment that nurtures autonomy, collaboration, and a sense of purpose, we can inspire our team members to enter this state of flow regularly, maximizing their potential and achieving exceptional results.

Furthermore, it is crucial to establish a daily active recovery strategy that generates limitless energy. Active recovery involves incorporating activities that recharge our bodies and maintain a healthy work-life balance. By prioritizing and implementing well-being practices, we can replenish our energy stores, leading to sustained high performance. This strategy can help us maintain enthusiasm, prevent burnout, and ensure that we have the limitless energy necessary to tackle business challenges head-on.

The Blueprint of Successful Teams: A Neuroscience Approach for Creating High Performance

This is not just another team building speech—it is a captivating journey that will answer the fundamental question: What differentiates a team from just a group of talented individuals? Prepare to revolutionize the way you understand and cultivate exceptional teams as we delve into the fascinating intersection of neuroscience and team dynamics.

During this transformative session, we will explore a wide range of strategies and insights that can lead to achieving extraordinary results. One of the key elements we will delve into is the concept of creating an environment of group flow, where teams operate in a state of optimal performance and synchronization. Discover how to create an environment that fosters group flow.

We will dive deep into the power of having a common purpose and setting stretch goals. By pushing boundaries and igniting motivation, teams are able to transcend the ordinary and strive for greatness. Understand the psychological and neurological mechanisms that underlie the impact of purpose and goals, and learn how to align your team’s collective aspirations towards a unified vision.

In addition, we will uncover the science behind synergy and collaboration. By harnessing the diverse strengths and perspectives of each team member, you will discover how to create an environment where collaboration flourishes and innovation thrives.

As we continue our journey, we will explore the crucial role of building a culture of success habits. Learn how to develop daily routines, rituals, and mindsets that drive continuous improvement and sustainable performance. By integrating neuroscience-backed success habits, your team will establish a foundation for consistent excellence and growth.

Throughout this experience, we will draw upon real-world case studies, providing tangible examples and actionable insights that can be applied directly within your organization. Additionally, energizing activities will be incorporated to promote active engagement and reinforce learning outcomes.

By the end of this speech, your team will be equipped with practical tools and techniques that lay the groundwork for lasting success. Prepare to challenge the status quo, inspire new ways of thinking, and empower your team to reach unprecedented heights of performance and achievement.

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