Jim McNeill – Keynote Speaker

British polar explorer

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Specialist Subjects

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Performance
  • Climate Change
  • Risk Management


  • English


Jim McNeill is one of the world’s most experienced and respected explorers and has clocked up over than 30 years of polar travelling and expeditioning.


With a career spanning environmental science, the military, commerce and fire & rescue, McNeill has selected, trained and led highly successful teams from top-level corporations, through high-risk polar expeditions, to critical lifesaving situations – where effective leadership and hands-on teamwork are paramount.


In 2001 McNeill founded the Ice Warrior Project an organisation that gives “ordinary” people the opportunity to become polar explorers and achieve extraordinary feats of endurance and endeavour. Through Ice Warrior, he develops people, discovers global change and delivers the stories to audiences worldwide in a way we can all understand, fostering a much better understanding of the world we live in and on; ultimately helping us to survive.


In 2006 he was ITV News’ own “Ice Warrior”, reporting the reality of climate change directly from the Arctic Ocean to international audiences. The story will continue as he attempts the last, so far unattained, World First in polar expeditioning – to be the first person to reach the very centre of the Arctic Ocean – the Arctic Pole or Northern Pole of Inaccessibility.



“Nothing less than inspirational… an authoritative blend of raw experience with practical coaching… energised an already highly motivated group of senior executives.”
PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP

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