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Specialist Subjects

  • What makes a Winner? Going Beyond A Growth Mindset
  • Reinventing the Engagement Culture - Connecting Purpose With Productivity
  • Three Courageous Conversations - To Transform Your Work and Life Balance
  • Be Human-First
  • Professional Vulnerability and Personal Authenticity
  • Reframing Wellbeing
  • DEI as Belonging: Living the Difference Not Laminating It
  • Women in Business: Crafting Your Own Shero’s Journey
  • Be 10% Braver
  • Harnessing The Power of Everyday Heroes
  • How To Master The 3 Rs of Resilience


  • English


Jaz Ampaw-Farr is an influential and commanding speaker renowned for her ability to artfully blend humour and poignant storytelling. Jaz’s extraordinary and empowering delivery is transformative for the audience, making them laugh, cry, and leave on a high ready to implement actual change. She has a unique ability to create an authentic connection and galvanise people into going beyond being inspired to taking action. TV fans know Jaz for her presenting roles and her hobby of becoming a Z-list reality TV star once every 20 years. Off-screen she has advised multiple international governments on education policy. From raising the levels of adult literacy in the Caribean to being fired by Lord Sugar on The Apprentice in the only boardroom that beat her, Jaz is simply unstoppable.

Her personal journey is one of unimaginable courage and triumph over harrowing adversity. As a child she endured abuse and neglect at the hands of her own parents, and as a result, spent years as a lost child in the foster care system. However, resilience isn’t something Jaz just talks about, she continues to live it. Impacted by five everyday heroes and a surrounding cast of accidental saviours, reframing her story took immense conviction and determination. Even completing her first two years of university while homeless didn’t stop her. Jaz persevered and went on to become a teacher, stand-up comedian and international keynote speaker.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr’s main theme is around embedding ambitious resilience in every individual. Change comes from inspiration or desperation, with most people waiting for the latter. Reframing our story of what is possible allows us to turn the volume down on imposter syndrome, stop allowing our past to be a script for our future and unlock our hidden potential. The result? An empowered human-first leader who knows how to navigate chaos, overcome adversity and empower others to take action. The digital age brings overwhelming stress, relentless pressure and constantly moving goalposts. Jaz stands as a guiding force, empowering her audience with the essential tools to do more than survive or thrive – to be truly alive and drive tangible and measurable change.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr calls us all into professional vulnerability and personal authenticity while fearlessly challenging the boundaries of conventional thinking. Reshaping the very concept of diversity and inclusion into a sense of real belonging, Jaz’s determination, expertise and lived experience help organisations and individuals to embark on their own profound journey of meaningful transformation. Her influence sparks the mindset shift, essential for positive change. Jaz is a mother of three phenomenal young humans, CEO and co-founder of Be Human First Ltd. Along with her husband Ed, an executive leadership consultant, they deliver keynotes, coaching, training and workshops that captivate diverse audiences from renowned organisations such as Gucci, Skillsoft, Google, Tropic, The Marketing Society, Chartered College of Teaching, NHS, Biogen, Arbonne, Bloomfest, Vistage, Triggerfish, Empowerment House, Festival of Media, Giant, Brambles, Luminate, RED Engineering, BBC and Channel 4. Her TEDx Talk has been viewed in over 120 countries and Jaz was awarded Speaker Of The Year and Best Live Gig at The Speaker Awards 2022.

With her captivating presence and unmatched charisma, Jaz is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a speaker who can effortlessly bring laughter, evoke deep emotions, and empower your audience. Jaz’s life is an extraordinary chronicle of defying the limits of what is possible. You’ll not find an Olympic medal, ultra-endurance event or un-supported climb of Everest on her CV – what you will find is pure unadulterated truth, passion and some seat-of-your-pants observations from one of the most genuine, hardworking and riotous keynote speakers in the business.

Popular Talks by Jaz Ampaw-Farr

What makes a Winner? Going Beyond A Growth Mindset

Going Beyond A Growth Mindset

Winners have one thing in common – agility. The ability to reframe and overcome adversity are essential skills for success. However, feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty and self-doubt are just three obstacles preventing you from achieving your full potential.

In this engaging and compelling keynote, Jaz shares lessons from her journey of overcoming extreme adversity such as foster care, abuse and homelessness to becoming an international advisor on education, CEO and full-time resilience ninja.

You will leave with a winning strategy for rebranding failure and helping those your lead in life and at work to tackle challenges confidently.

Key Takeaways:

The shortcut to navigating chaos – even in the face of uncertainty.

How to turn the volume down on imposter syndrome and embed ambitious resilience.

The one critical thing you need to do to future-proof yourself today.

Reinventing the Engagement Culture - Connecting Purpose With Productivity

Connecting Purpose With Productivity

All successful organisations value engagement. Changes in the world of work demand a new self-leadership approach.

Business has seen an industrial, technical and digital revolution. The next iteration, is a deeper connection, linking the employee’s desire for fulfilment and purpose with the employer’s need for productivity and loyalty.

In this exciting keynote, Jaz will help you rewrite the unwritten rules that enable you to build authentic engagement for the digital age.

You will leave with your own impact roadmap to help you show up as your full-fat self at work (and at home too).

Key Takeaways:

How to stop undermining your own influence – even when you don’t know you’re doing it!

The three markers of authentic relational connection that can be as powerful as a pay rise.

The unwritten rules of increasing fulfilment and belonging.

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