Jared Cohen – Keynote Speaker

Founder of Google Ideas, Chief Advisor to Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt & CEO of Jigsaw

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Specialist Subjects

  • Bringing Government & Big Organizations into the 21st Century
  • Technological Revolution
  • Transformation
  • Emerging World & Macro Trends in Geopolitics
  • Leadership in Times of Crisis
  • The Digital Age


  • English


Jared Cohen is a foreign policy expert, technologist, presidential historian, and New York Times Bestselling author of five books. His expertise covers a unique blend of macro-level geopolitics and American politics.

Jared is at the center of technology and how it is changing the world. As the founder and director of CEO of Jigsaw (previously known as Google Ideas), he is at the forefront of using technology to tackle some of the toughest global challenges. As a former advisor to two secretaries of state and having visited more than 100 countries (including North Korea and Iran), Cohen is able to look around the corner and shed light on both the next big technological innovations and how it impacts our world, our businesses, and our lives. Whether he is interviewing former extremists or meeting with the Pope in Rome, Cohen brings his expertise to bear on some of the most challenging problems of our time.

Technology is reshaping nearly every aspect of our lives, especially business, communication, entertainment, and politics. There has never been a more important time to understand how technology is transforming your industry or organization, and there are few people better qualified to illuminate what the future holds than Cohen. His New York Times bestselling book The New Digital Age, co-authored with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, gazes into a world where everything is digital and offers predictions about what our future holds. Named one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People,” Cohen has spent his entire career using technology to solve seemingly intractable problems.

After studying at Stanford and oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, Cohen became the youngest person to serve in the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, the elite group of thinkers that advise the Secretary of State on pressing global issues. In 2010 he was recruited by Google’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt, whom Cohen currently advises, to create Google Ideas, Google’s influential think tank that expanded to become the technology incubator known as Jigsaw and housed in Google’s parent Company, Alphabet Inc.

Jared Cohen’s keynotes are electrifying, inspiring, and relevant. Every business and industry would benefit form better understanding the technology that is transforming our world – for better of for worse – and no one tells that story with more insight, humor, and poise than Cohen. He draws on his extensive travel with dazzling first-hand accounts and simplifies some of the most important trends in technology to reveal how these difficult issues matter for your organization. Cohen’s anecdotes are famous and will leave your audience shocked by their newfound understanding of the technology they use and the world that they inhabit.

His insights are relevant for all audiences and industries, and the topics at hand have never been more important. As the world become increasingly more complex, Cohen offers an illuminating and entertaining glimpse into our future

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