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Bestselling Author, Broadcaster & Neuroscience Presenter, Named by Nature as “Rising Star in Life Sciences”

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Specialist Subjects

  • Joined up Thinking
  • Living Intelligently Together During The Fifth Industrial Revolution
  • Team-building - collaboration, communication, leadership and collective decision making
  • The science of fate - how our brains shape our destiny
  • Wellbeing - how to create a flourishing, resilient brain
  • Consciousness and our evolving relationship with AI


  • English


Dr Hannah Critchlow is an internationally-acclaimed neuroscientist, broadcaster, author and Fellow at Magdalene College, University of Cambridge. She regularly appears on BBC, ABC and Korean TV and Radio, most recently in the EPS Great Minds Series, as Science Presenter in Family Brain Games, Tomorrow’s World Live, BBC Radio 4 Destiny and the Brain, Start the Week and profiled on The Life Scientific.

Her book on Consciousness: A Ladybird Expert Guide, was published with Penguin in 2018. The Science of Fate, published with Hodder in May, 2019, made The Sunday Times Bestseller list, receiving international press coverage and was translated into 8 languages. Her third book: Joined up Thinking: the science of collective intelligence was published with Hodder in August 2022 to critical acclaim and translated to English and Chinese territories to date.

She has spoken internationally on the science of collective intelligence to a range of audiences including business leaders, government officials, financial institutions and energy providers. In 2022 Hannah received an Honorary Doctorate for her work in science communication. In 2019 Hannah was named by Nature as a ‘Rising Stars in Life Sciences’. Hannah Critchlow was recognised as a ‘Top 100 UK scientist’ by the UK Science Council in 2014 and one of Cambridge University’s most ‘inspirational and successful women in science’ for her work in science communication.

Hannah Critchlow has extensive experience creating and delivering interactive talks, workshops and panel discussions for a variety of clients including those in the legal, business and policy setting. Her expertise spans topics from decision-making, morals and ethics, resilience, mental wellbeing, boosting brain performance, intuition and creativity, collective intelligence, cognitive diversity, communication, recruitment strategy and our evolving relationship with AI.

Popular Talks by Hannah Critchlow

Joined up Thinking

At a time of existential global challenges, we need our best brainpower available. How do we create genius environments, help our brains flourish and boost group thinking? How do we build teams, help them to collaborate and communicate effectively to enhance innovative problem solving? Neuroscientist and bestselling author shows why two heads are better than one and how good leadership can help us to unleash our full potential. She will electrify our minds with brain synchronicity, explore the power of intuition and increase our tolerance for uncertainty. Join for this interactive session that reveals the science underpinning our collective intelligence.

Living Intelligently Together During The Fifth Industrial Revolution

This interactive session filled with experiments and demonstrations takes the audience on an empowering journey through the mind and deep into our intelligence as we enter this new era of existence. How can new neuroscience knowledge help us achieve human centeredness? How do we better access and deploy the innate human brain power we already have? What role might brain machine interfaces play in our species progression? How do we ensure our relationship with AI and technology evolves successfully whilst playing to our species innate brain strengths? Join award winning neuroscientist Dr Hannah Critchlow for this interactive session exploring our species future.

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