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Globally recognised as a youth researcher, advocate, and changemaker for gender equality, sustainable development, and Gen Z

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Specialist Subjects

  • A Teen’s Research Journey
  • Gen Z. and Youth
  • Advocating for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development
  • Girl Empowerment and STEM Leadership
  • Young Women’s Entrepreneurship
  • Young Entrepreneur Journey
  • Youth leadership
  • Youth empowerment
  • Girl empowerment
  • Research to Empower: A Guide and Problem-Solving for Young Researchers


  • English


Grace Chenxin Liu is recognized globally as a youth researcher, advocate, and changemaker for gender equality, sustainable development, and Gen Z. She successfully worked on 14 projects and had multiple peer-reviewed journal publications before she turned 15. She has inspired students across 6 continents and from over 100 countries as the highlighted speaker at many organizations including the United Nations, the International Telecommunication Union, the Society of Women Engineers, TEDx, Girls Leadership Academy Meetup, and more.

Grace is a World Science Scholar, WomenTech Global Rising Star of the Year Award winner, a Global Youth Challenge winner, and a member of the winning team of the global Fall 2022 Junior Academy Challenge. She is a 2022–2024 Youth Advisory Council member of the National Youth Leadership Council, part of the Davidson Institute’s Ambassador Program’s Class of 2024, the youngest member of the Global Conference on Women’s Studies Scientific Committee, and a 2022 Equality & Inclusion Working Group Leader at YOUNGA by BridgingTheGap Ventures.

She is the founder of Sharing to Empower, an internationally recognized nonprofit for researching and promoting gender equality and sustainable development with global impact and local reach. She is also the founder of Research to Empower, an education initiative to inspire, support, and empower the next generation of aspiring young researchers while making research accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, or race. Her sole-authored book Research to Empower: A Vibrant Guidebook for Young Students will be released by Post Hill Press on Jan 30, 2024.

Popular Talks by Grace Chenxin Liu

A Teen’s Research Journey

Topics that are covered in this talk include:

– Challenges and how to overcome them.
– Breakthroughs and successes in your life.
– How to research for young students.
– Research advice.

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