Gordon Herbert – Keynote Speaker

World Champion Head Coach of the German National Basketball-Team

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Specialist Subjects

  • Vision
  • Embracing Adversity
  • Leadership
  • Defining Moments in Team Dynamics
  • Factors in Self Development
  • Team Building
  • Dealing with Conflicts and Solving them
  • Goals and Roles


  • English


Gordon Herbert is the world champion coach of the German national basketball team.

The renowned German basketball coach is originally from Canada. Gordon Herbert (*1959) has a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology from the University of Idaho and can look back on a successful career as a basketball player in Finland and internationally. In 1994, he began his second impressive career as a coach: he was head coach of various teams, including the Deutsche Bank Skyliners Frankfurt and Alba Berlin.

Herbert’s coaching successes include the German championship in 2004 with the Opel Skyliners Frankfurt, winning the cup in France in 2007 with Elan Bearnais Pau-Lacq-Orthez and winning the FIBA Europe Cup in 2016 with the Fraport Skyliners. He has been national coach of the German national team since October 2021, winning the bronze medal at the European Championships in 2022 and leading the team to an unbeaten World Championship title in 2023.

The German national team is currently ranked a historic third in the Fiba world rankings and was named best team of the year three times in 2023, including at the prestigious Bambi awards. Gordon Herbert was honoured as Coach of the Year 2023 in both Germany and Finland.

His background in sports psychology helps Gordon Herbert to understand and increase the motivation of his players. As a keynote speaker, he succeeds in transferring these principles and experiences to the business world. In his gripping keynotes, he shows, among other things, how to create an environment in which every team member can grow beyond themselves. With an authentic presence, a clear sense of purpose and the adaptive application of strategy, the architect of Germany’s World Cup triumph shows what constitutes true team spirit and how to lay the foundations for lasting success.

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