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Renowned world record-breaking explorer and internationally recognised speaker

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Specialist Subjects

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Mental health
  • Overcoming Failure
  • Risk Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork


  • English


George Bullard is a world record breaking explorer, endurance athlete and speaker. He believes that through the outdoors we can change lives. His mission is to rewild humans. Described by Ran Feinnes as “genuinely groundbreaking” and by Bear Grylls as “total respect”, George has claimed a few accolades.

To date, he has covered almost 2,000 miles on foot in the polar regions, spending more than 26,000 hours in isolation. If you believe Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule, that makes him a master of remote, hostile environments. At 14 years old, George was part of a team that swam the English Channel. Before turning 17, he’d swum the length of Lake Zurich, circumnavigated Barbados and New York’s Manhattan Island. During this time George Bullard was also ranked #1 in the UK for Tetrathlon.

At the age of 19 George completed the world’s longest fully unsupported polar journey, 1374 miles on foot. A feat described by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the world’s greatest living explorer, as “genuinely ground-breaking”. Since then, George’s expeditions have included the archipelago of South Georgia, cycling across Europe, climbing as yet unnamed summits, driving North-West Africa and sailing the Southern, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

George has guided over 350 people of all ages in the Amazon rainforest, the Indian subcontinent, Greenland Icecap and Svalbard. September 2016 saw George complete a second world first; 66 days in a kayak crossing the ferocious North Atlantic Ocean from Greenland to Scotland. The purpose? To test the theory that Inuits may have made the same journey in AD1700.

In 2021 George Bullard ran 630 miles along the South West Coast Path. A challenge designed to raise money for charity and encourage people outside post global pandemic. The route required him climb 35,000m of ascent, 4 times the height of Everest, over rocky coastal terrain. In 2022, George Bullard crossed his 5th ocean. This has given him a unique insight into the planets oceans, winds and most importantly, pollution Not everyone needs to tackle the worlds most hostile environments for an adventure. Everyone has their own Everest.

George hopes to encourage people to understand that adventures will give them something that nobody else can.

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