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Creative Director and disruption expert

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Specialist Subjects

  • How to Destroy the Pillows of Comfort
  • Breaking the Walls of "Impossible"
  • How to Ride the Shark of Change
  • Cooperate or Die
  • Superheroes of Change
  • Save the Planet
  • Emerging customer demands
  • Disruptive trends and upcoming technologies
  • Cutting-edge business models
  • Everything new in sales
  • Next level customer engagement and marketing
  • New demands in customer experience, including the multiverse of interconnected experiences
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • New role of trust and AI


  • English
  • German


Dietmar Dahmen is a top business expert on innovation, disruption, trends and technologies of the future.

Dietmar Dahmen is an energetic speaker on the upcoming demands and the business opportunities created by new trends and technologies. He explains the complex in simple ways, and gets his audience – from expert to novice – to feel the need to change now.

Dietmar’s keynotes cover a broad range of topics, including: disruptive trends and upcoming technologies; transformation; the future of success; fear and opportunities of change; leadership; customer-centric sales and marketing as well as new global topics including sustainability, transparency and the new role of trust.

His style of presentation is informative, motivating, inspiring, entertaining and designed to reach the heart of the audience, by creating memorable images and moments on stage. Dietmar presents in English and German.

Dietmar Dahmen started out as a strategic planner, and later moved on to become a highly decorated creative. He was Creative Director with DDB, Executive Creative Director with Ogilvy, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director with BBDO, working in Hamburg, New York, Munich, Los Angeles and Vienna.

Today, Dietmar Dahmen is the founder and managing director of Dietmar Dahmen Brainkicks GmbH and works as a professional speaker, author, coach and motivator. He helps bring change to global clients, is involved with various start-ups and is the expert for future marketing and disruptive technology with the European Association of Advertising Agencies.

Popular Talks by Dietmar Dahmen

How to Destroy the Pillows of Comfort

In “Destroy the Pillows of Comfort,” Dietmar demonstrates how development is always running. And, in order to run (and not be left behind), that means even you need to get up and run, as well. But it is human nature to prefer to stay comfortable.  Dietmar explains how the temptation of finding comfort is so strong, that it is best to destroy this option entirely.
This is exactly what he then does, with the help of a chainsaw.  The image this creates on stage is an impactful one that will stay with the audience forever. It also makes a great headline photo for publications, and some companies even use the (signed/branded) chainsaw as an achievement award or prize.

Breaking the Walls of "Impossible"

In breaking the walls of the “Impossible”, Dietmar builds an actual wall on stage, and shows how this wall blocks progress and development. Together with the audience (engaged in the countdown), Dietmar then breaks the walls of the “impossible” and generates a powerful atmosphere. In a positive and playful way, this helps to deal with the hard work and mental blocks associated with change, while activating a can-do attitude.
Upon request, “bricks” from the wall can be signed by Dietmarand given away as fun reminders for the audience members to take home.

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